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❶Yes, we have had plenty of days where we didn't get to homeworkopoly becasue they didn't settle down.

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You don't have to be involved at all. D I went with writing the names of the players on the board, and it was their responsibility to see me at recess or lunch to play the game. Didn't take up any class time at all! The kids loved it. I printed off some cars clip art and colored them with 5 colors. I put my kids into groups of 5. Each morning each team got to roll the dice and move their car. At the end of the day, the team who earned the most points for good behavior, agendas signed As well, they earned money for having the most points, and also for doing well on assignments, tests, weekly spelling test etc.

They collected the money together as a team and bought the properties. As the game went on, they also bought houses and "schools" to put on their property. When another team landed on an a teams property, then they had to pay "School Fees". It was a lot of fun. I had the kids come up with ideas for the community chess and chance cards, they came up with better ones than I ever could have! It takes at the most maybe 10 minutes to get everyone a turn. I usually have them just go one at a time while working on somehting at their desk.

View Item I play every day Posted by: I call out the names of the student who can play I have the names of no-homework kids on the board , and they go up and stand in line to play. So they just draw a card and keep that card 'til they choose to redeem the prize. I have a few who never redeem the cards for a prize, but I figure that's their choice.

I made "eraser place" and "pencil place" instead of brain binder. They get a free pencil or eraser when they land on this space. We do the game on friday afternoons when everyone is packed up and ready to leave.

When they are sitting quietly we play otherwise we wait until monday. Usually they want to play and sit quietly. I give a mint to all who play.

They roll the foam die and get a mint when they land on a blank spot. Getting nothing was boring one year and unfair if they did their homework all week. I praise them for doing their homework and make each spot worth the roll. The cards I laminated and wrote the prizes on them myself. Also, I have a homework chart with their name and the weekly homework with a space for the prize they get Jenni I went to WalMart and checked their clearance items.

I found some paints, bracelet making items, bionicles, etc I also had coupons to use the phone, free homework, read to a younger class, etc We only did Homeworkopoly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but the kids wanted to do it everyday. LLK Yes, I used it last year for my first year in fourth grade, after teaching fifth for about 15 and 6th for 2 years. My class loved it. We played on Friday also, although usually in the afternoon, because of a hectic morning schedule. I used a 'prize box' for rewards that included things from Oriental Trading and other 'junk' you pick up from teacher's convention like posters, etc.

I had a hard time deciding where to put my board because of my room and this was an obstacle for awhile. I ended up placing the laminated board that I downloaded from the homeworkopoly site on a door that led to a furnace room. I used business cards for tags for the kids to use as markers to move around the board, because I couldn't pin anything to the board, but I could tape things. View Item words free homeworkopoly rewards Posted by: Believe it or not, that's one of our favorites places to land!

I don't give anything when we land on a street. They seem ok with only getting "something" once in a while! They just call it a "blank" spot! View Item Homeworkopoly Rewards Posted by: MsPropel These are my chance cards: Brain Binder - I read a Brain Quest Question, if they get it right, they get a sticker from my sticker box.

Take a book home from my library must be returned the next day. Give a friend a compliment. Make a picture for a friend. Make a bead pin for a friend. Give your classmates a high five. Make up a new celebration.

Mary Ann I used it last year and the kids loved it. It was a great incentive. I only used it as a reading incentive so it wasn't too difficult to manage.

If the kids read or more minutes per week at home, had completed their reading log, and had it signed by a parent then they got to play. We played once a week. I made a few changes such as Brainbinders- The kids could pick any Brain Pop movie to share with the class. Library spot- became minutes of reading for the next week. I made up "Roll Again" cards that I passed out quite frequently when the kids were just being good, or just doing what they were supposed to be doing without me having to remind them View Item words Homeworkopoly Awards Posted by: TeacherTX 10 points on an assignment 5 points on a spelling test Treasure chest choice Mystery Prize my choice, whatever I have that day Mechanical Pencil Bookmark Capri Sun The love that at the end of a hot day Icecream at lunch First pick at class jobs Line Leader Extra computer time instead of morningwork we only have about 15 minutes, so no biggie I have a few more, but that's all I can think of right now.

Jenni Question - Can one group do it each day? Answer - I don't see why not but I think it might get confusing for you to keep track as to who is suppose to roll. Question - How long would it take 5 or 6 students to do it daily? Answer - Not long, I would say 2 - 3 minutes. My entire class of 20 could do it in about 10 minutes. Question - First thing in the morning Answer - I don't think it matters when you do it. I did mine at the end of the day simply because that's when I had the time.

Question - How do you keep track of who gets to roll? View Item words How I do it Posted by: Grade4Teach -Do you use it year round? I used to use it daily but that took too long so I plan on using it weekly this year.

Write with ink for a day, sit at the teacher's desk for a period, have lunch with the teacher and a friend, pick and be the leader of a class game, move your desk to a chosen location for the day, have a special sharing time to teach something to the class those are a few!

I'm looking to add to the ideas that the gameboard suggests. My students loved it Brooke I had a brainstorm the other day and thought of a neat idea for motivating students to read AR books and take tests. I was thinking of making a gameboard similar to the homeworkoply gameboard and call it ARopoly instead. The students would get to roll the dice each time they read and took a test on an AR book. I think this would really motivate the students to read.

I actually made my board for the game the other day and it looks pretty good. Go to the website listed above and look at the Homeworkopoly game for an idea what it looks like.

I haven't actually filled in each of the spaces on the board yet, but I was planning to make a "GO" space and let the students collect 5 dolphin dollars when they pass go,in the next corner it will say "Catch a ride on the school bus" If the student does not get a red strip in their conduct chart, they are allowed to play that day. We take the last ten minutes to play. This really helps at the end of the year when the conduct chart does not work as well. Do not copy, reproduce or transmit.

Homeworkopoly Tips Compiled By: NCPinkTchr Looking for a new way to get your students motivated to complete homework assignments? Here are ideas about how to implement the game in your classroom, suggestions for rewards and more. Looking for a new way to get your students motivated to complete homework assignments? I used homeworkopoly last year for the first time in my class and the kids loved it. Our days were too busy to use it everyday so we only used it on Fridays.

If a child had all homework for the week turned in even if it was a day late Certain spaces on the board were designated specials and other spaces like "pencil place", etc One of the big spots said Mystery Prize and they got in my little treasure box. Another says Brain Binders and they're paper folding puzzles that the homeworkopoly site has a link to. You print them out on your printer and can copy them on your machine at school.

View Item words. I created a game board using poster board. It is set up like monopoly only the spaces are addition avenue, presidential parkway, etc.

Using one die will slow their travel around the board. There are extras if you have other ideas to use for them. Just write them in! If you have business card holders, these would work great for holding the cards up on your bulletin board for easy access. When a student brings in any homework from the night before, have them go over to the board, roll the die and move.

Each student will do this in the morning when their homework is handed in if they have done the assigned homework. The students will continue to do this throughout the year. It never has to end. Deal with special spaces as the students land on them. Usually not a problem with happening too often, if so, check it out. Watch closely when moving around the board.

When on this square, the teacher can have this student read to the class aloud, do problems on the chalkboard, or pass out milk, for example. These are just a few examples of what the student could do, feel free to use your own ideas. Last but not least…Enjoy!

This board is made to accommodate your changes. Please send us your comments, questions or suggestions by email. Instead of making playing piece from clip art use a pictures of each student to make the pieces. This will keep the students from getting confused about what there piece is or the issue were you have 3 students with the same firt name! My room has NO wall space though.

Would it be possible to get a smaller version of this? It is easy to use if the board is on a table or fixed to the wall! It will reduce it for you by putting more than one page on each sheet when it prints. I had the same problem so I chose 4 pages per sheet and managed to fit it on my teeny tiny wall. I found a flipchart of the board on Promethean Planet. Considering our local fire marshal is really being a stickler for the amount of wall space we have covered this year, the flipchart is a good option.


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UPDATED JULY 1, This product is a take on the classic "Homeworkopoly" game board. and move their game piece to see what their reward is! Homeworkopoly: "A Bit of Bright Colors" Theme. Preview. Subject. Other (Specialty), Classroom Management Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original 4/5().

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Get work done by playing Homeworkopoly November 7, Teachnet Staff Classroom Decor, Downloads, Games 8 Thanks to all of our reader suggestions, we are now able to make the Homeworkopoly game board available. buy a dissertation online order Buy Homeworkopoly master thesis waste management essay or research paper.

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A set of community lunchbox and chance cards to use with your students in conjunction with Homeworkopoly. Included are 27 chance and 27 community lunchbox cards. Homeworkopoly Chance and Community Lunchbox cards FREE. Subject. Classroom Management. Grade Levels Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell 4/5(24). Homeworkopoly Tips; Compiled By: NCPinkTchr: Looking for a new way to get your students motivated to complete homework assignments? Try "Homeworkopoly". Here are ideas about how to implement the game in your classroom, suggestions for rewards and more. homeworkopoly Posted by:Jody #