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cinematography essay. what to focus on?

❶Robinson, the mother of the girl whom he is dating and quickly falling in love. Film is still the medium of choice for the majority of filmmakers.

Across these three films, Wajda highlights the idea that rules no longer apply to romantic relationships when love and politics mix. In "A Generation," Wajda speaks on behalf of the tormented nation of Poland, and tells the stories of the masses of people bound by a common fate. Stach, who is the main character and the narrator of the film, is nothing but a young boy who is toying with danger.

The young but more enlightened Dorota is the beautiful Communist that provokes Stach to join the anti-Nazi organization. The relationship that develops between Stach and Dorota We've all seen the typical superhero in every superhero film. They're all similar in a way and we don't realize it. They all go through similar stages of becoming a hero. David Dunn, from the film "Unbreakable"? This main superhero was rather different than other heroes.

There were differences and similarities, which almost made the film quite unique. It didn't feel like your typical action filled superhero movie. Instead, it was a more realistic approach to the modern "hero? In the history of all superheroes, most of them become a hero out of their own will. But this "will" doesn't come empty-handed. There's always some grief, sacrifice, or loss Many think that this is a direct result of the American TV programme Twin Peaks, which caused controversy and gained a cult status like no other before it.

It was created, written and directed by the film director David Lynch Blue Velvet, Erasurehead , in partnership with the well established American In a society that demands conformity, individuality is a heroic act. From his lack of conformity, to his privacy exploited for millions to see and the manipulation of him, this is my essay on why Truman Burbank is victimised, yet still heroic. Trumans non-conformity was brave and determined.

While the masses conformed and lived a controlled life in Seahaven, Truman was alone and stood out of the crowd. Everyone in Seahaven was the same. They all lived in architecturally identical housing, all participated in the community and conformed to the society which was controlling Truman.

At the start of the movie it Gone with the Wind is a famous novel which was written by Margaret Mitchell, first published in , and adapted to film with the same name in Both film and novel received positive appraises from adorers all over the world.

Consequently, what has really gone with the wind? To understand what things have Growing up is how we develop throughout our lives, and there are certain characters and people that we get used to as we grow. There are those responsibilities that we take up as we grow too.

In "High Noon," Fred Zimmerman creates a film that shows how people grow up differently and shows the existence of courage and lack of it among the people of Hadleyville, Kansas. In his film, he covers how the longtime marshal and the people of Hadleyville are faced by adversity of a returning enemy Frank Miller. Growing up is the manner through which we have learned to handle situations. As it was shown, the townspeople were not going to help Kane as he was going to I believe the main theme of the film, "Batman Begins," is fear.

The movie uses fear to show how it could affect the way people live and think. It shows how fear can take control of a human being, destroy them completely, and potentially destroy a society. It also shows how a person can instead take control of fear, this is what frees people, because without fear we can do almost anything. The characters that represent these effects of fear are Batman and Dr. Each of them are exposed to extensive amounts of fear to start their lives.

Fear that was cause by criminals, both Batman and Jonathan lost their parents to criminals. At first the fear affects This essay will attempt to explain why its audience including the author of this essay enjoy the programme "Gossip Girl". The theme of the programme and the main characters will be discussed.

The following paragraphs will discuss the social divide regarding the characters, those from the Upper East Side and those from Brooklyn. An attempt will be made to determine when discussing the characters and their background, whether it is the case that the audience are identifying with the characters and therefore the reason for "Gossip Girl's" popularity.

Within the program "Gossip Girl" there are 16 characters, the main one being "Gossip Girl" themselves. The characters all have very different roles and backgrounds. Within the next few paragraphs, they will be Despite any biased opinions, there really is no denying that both Spike Lee and Tyler Perry make great movies.

Their fame and popularity of their continual movie success is enough to know that both men are talented in their line of work. Both of these film-makers create movies that dominate more toward the black culture of Americans.

That's not to say that caucasian or any other race doesn't watch or enjoy their movies. In terms of representing blackness and black people in general, I believe Tyler Perry's body of work does a better job than Spike Lee. Even though Spike Lee's work is similar in the sense of Perry's work, in that he focuses towards black audiences, I just prefer Perry's As i continued to read I was startled to find a new depth in the book which escaped me during childhood that I did not expect to find, Now all grown up i can finally grasp the underlinings and subplots scattered throughout the movie with Dorothy playing the role of the female heroine.

The snow falling, the decorating of the Christmas tree, hot chocolate and time spent as a family. All these memories and feelings of joy were brought up by a simple verse of a well known song. It is the power of sound and music that can instantly transport us to different places, situations and times, whether fantasy or real. Movie directors use this same power to their advantage. The noises, sounds and music used in films have all been carefully selected to create particular feelings and subconscious thoughts in the viewers Transformers is a science fiction film about huge human-like robots who come to earth from outer space.

Bad Boys II is a movie about two cops who are on the drug task force in Miami. Director Bay uses mise-en-scene quite differently in both films. However there are a few similarities with each. He also uses a wide variety of camera shots, lighting, and angles in each film to portray different things. Each film has a different genre so Mr.

Bay uses different techniques in each to convey the message he is trying to send the viewer. Through analyzing the mise-en-scene used in each film we can understand what the director Uber has been experiencing lots of problems during its initiating years because of many complains received from the people who use this service.

Uber is a huge company, but it has not yet met all required standards to lawfully operate in every city around the world especially in its original country The United States. This fast growing company provides services in small and big cities in more than 50 countries. Uber is an American ridesharing company built in a smartphone app founded in March by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp.

This multibillion dollar company uses a smartphone app that connects riders with their partner drivers through its powerful smartphone app. In fact, multiple issues have been affecting The truth is that Edward uses his large imagination to create a fantasy that represents his reality. Protagonist Edward Bloom tells his stories from the time that he was born all the way up to adulthood, in a manner that no sane person could bring himself or herself to believe.

He had been an unwanted child and was adopted by a company, thus becoming the first child in the world adopted by a company. The television show portrays his life in 'Seahaven' from his birth on, where he is the unknowingly the main character, while all the other persons in 'his world' are actors directed by the producer Christof Ed Harris , who wants to create the 'perfect world' and therefore plans every single step Truman takes and all the relationships that Truman establishes.

The movie 'The Truman Show' can be interpreted In , Solomon Northup was kidnapped and sold into slavery. Although the book and film share a biography, each uses different conventions of storytelling. A diplomatic tone is sustained throughout the memoir, allowing the piece to act as a political voice of The film is a collection of photographic images frames sequentially arranged, connected by a single plot and intended for playback on the screen. In the cinema art, the aesthetic properties of literature, theatrical and visual arts, and music are synthesized on the basis of strictly inherent, expressive means, of which the photographic nature of the image, which allows reconstructing with any certainty any pictures of reality, and editing, is the main one.

The visibility of the images embodied on the screen and the availability of films to the broad masses, together with all other possibilities, determine the significance of cinema as the most important of all arts. The creation of a film is usually a complex creative and production process in which the work of artists of different specialties is combined.

The creation of films and their demonstration require a highly organized technical base and is associated with large material costs. The cinematography is not only an art field but also a special branch of industry and commerce. Consequently, in bourgeois countries, monopoly capital not only took over the cinema economy production and rental of films, exploitation of the network but also established a rigid ideological control over the content of the films being screened and demonstrated.

As a result, camera shots are very important in shaping meaning in a film. Reviewing the examples on the right hand side of this….

Said to be one of the greatest films of all time, Lawrence of Arabia, a minute movie directed by David Lean released in, achieved numerous accolades from popular award-giving bodies, among them the award for Best Cinematography. With the birth of cinema just over a hundred years ago, the progresses made between now and then on the techniques of cinematography have never ceased to amaze audiences. Considered as one of the funniest and well-thought films of its era, Groundhog Day prompts audience not to watch the characters learn but to create personal realizations based on the premise of….

Color In film went through a self-contained evolution much Like sound. If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Previous Go to page. The film would reflect Wells love for creating physical representations of thematic metaphors… Film. The Rear Window — Sequence Analysis Although many realist films tend to realize that the viewer is an observer, there is a theme that is clearly established in the first few minutes of Rear Window Alfred Hitchcock, with a variety of long shots that clearly show the setting; complimenting this Hitchcock also utilizes pan and dolly as well as transitioning….

It was the first movie Orson Welles, a theatrical genius, co-wrote, directed, and produced at only an age of… Film.

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Free Essays words | ( pages) | Preview American Cinematographer Gordon Willis - Gordon Willis is an American Cinematographer born in in New York.

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The topic of my essay is "Cinematography in the United States of America and in Ukraine". Looking through all the themes which can be taken, I have decided to stop at cinematography.. I have chosen this topic, because it is a part of our everyday's life.3/5(4).

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Editing, Cinematography, and Sound in Gladiator Essay example Words | 7 Pages Editing, Cinematography, and Sound in Gladiator The film that I have chosen to analyse is Gladiator. Cinematography Is an Integral Part of Motion Pictures Essay Words | 5 Pages C. Cinematography The term cinematography is interconnected with the concept of still photography, but is .

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in Cinematography Essays 0 In the movie 'The Truman Show' (Peter Weir, ) the character Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) is turned into the main character of a . Cinematography in Godfather the Movie Essay examples - Mario Puzo’s "The Godfather" was the first and most influential gangster movie that paved the way for gangster movies of the future. The movie was directed by Frances Ford Copolla, who made many different ingenious ways to .