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❶Informal economic activity is a dynamic process which includes many aspects of economic and social theory including exchange, regulation, and enforcement. Archived from the original on 18 November

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Economics - definition of economics by The Free Dictionary https: Economics functioning as singular the social science concerned with the production and consumption of goods and services and the analysis of the commercial activities of a society. See also macroeconomics , microeconomics. Economics functioning as plural financial aspects: See also finance ; money.

Balancing the budget is a little like protecting your virtue —you just have to learn to say no —Ronald Reagan Capital is dead labor, that, vampire-like, only lives by sucking living labor —Karl Marx The Dow-Jones is floating up like a hot-air balloon —Francois Camoin Economics is like being lost in the woods. It just follows you home and sits on your doorstep asking for more —Ronald Reagan Financial statements are like a bikini.

What they reveal is interesting; what they conceal is vital —William W. Signs of reviving inflation are as abundant as are skeptics who read each rise in inflationary barometers as an aberration —John C. Borland, New York Times , September 28, The stock market climbed like the horses of Apollo —Hortense Calisher Takeovers on a scale that would make 19th-century pirates look like croquet players —Harry A.

Paula has a degree in economics. The economics of the airline industry are dramatically affected by rising energy costs. New England's economy is still largely based on manufacturing. It might be necessary to make a few economies. The chancellor proposed radical economic reforms. We have to keep fares high enough to make it economic for the service to continue. We bought a small, economical car. The study of the arrangements that societies make concerning the use and development of the limited resources on our planet.

Switch to new thesaurus. The content in the retail sales report can cause above normal volatility in the market, and information in the report can also be used to gage inflationary pressures that affect Fed rates.

Industrial Production The industrial production report, released monthly by the Federal Reserve, reports on the changes in the production of factories, mines and utilities in the U.

One of the closely watched measures included in this report is the capacity utilization ratio , which estimates the level of production activity in the economy. It is preferable for a country to see increasing values of production and capacity utilization at high levels.

Levels below 80 percent are usually interpreted as showing "slack" in the economy, which might increase the likelihood of a recession.

Generally, sharp increases in employment indicate prosperous economic growth. Likewise, potential contractions may be imminent if significant decreases occur. While these are general trends, it is important to consider the current position of the economy. For example, strong employment data could cause a currency to appreciate if the country has recently been through economic troubles, because the growth could be a sign of economic health and recovery.

Conversely, in an overheated economy, high employment can also lead to inflation, which in this situation could move the currency downward. Using a basket that is representative of the goods and services in the economy, the CPI compares the price changes month after month and year after year. This report is one of the more important economic indicators available, and its release can increase volatility in equity, fixed income, and forex markets.

Greater-than-expected price increases are considered a sign of inflation, which will likely cause the underlying currency to depreciate. An economic growth rate is a measure of economic growth, typically Economic growth is an increase in an economy's ability to produce Charting is not the only way to analyze the foreign-exchange market. Learn how to apply fundamental analysis to the economic indicators. The economy is the production and consumption activities that determine how scarce resources are allocated in an area.

From unemployment and inflation to government policy, learn what macroeconomics measures and how it affects everyone. Of or relating to an economy: Of or relating to the science of economics: Of or relating to the practical necessities of life; material: It was no longer economic to keep the manufacturing facilities open.

Economics of or relating to an economy, economics, or finance: Commerce Brit capable of being produced, operated, etc, for profit; profitable: Economics concerning or affecting material resources or welfare: Switch to new thesaurus. Informal economical , fair , cheap , reasonable , modest , low-priced , inexpensive The new process is more economic but less environmentally friendly.


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the branch of economics that concentrates on measures to increase output of goods and services in the long run. The basis is that marginal tax rates should be reduced to provide incentives to supply additional labor and capital, and thereby promote long term growth.

About Our Ads - The Investing Education Site. Includes the most comprehensive investing dictionary on the web as well as articles and tutorials on nearly any aspect of . Economy terms with their definitions. Learn and know the meaning of these Economy terms by their definitions here at The Economic Times.

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Economics is a complex subject filled with a maze of confusing terms and details which can be difficult to explain. Even economists have trouble defining exactly what economics means. Yet, there is no doubt that the economy and the things we learn through economics affects our everyday lives. Computer-controlled terminals located on the premises of financial institutions or elsewhere, through which customers may make deposits, withdrawals, or other transactions as they would through a bank teller. Other terms sometimes used to describe such terminals are customer-bank communications terminal (CBC) and remote service .