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Personal Essay on Life Is a Journey

Essay on Journey

❶But he would not listen to us. We climbed the snow covered hills which were very dangerous.

Life Is a Journey

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Some sitting passengers were dozing. The standing passengers were complaining to the conductor. Some of them were quarrelling with the conductor over the fare. Some passengers were getting off and some were getting in at each stop. Essay on A Journey by Bus 50 words. I wanted to go my uncle's house at Megha Jolie. I caught the bus from Mega Jholi at 7: It was full of passengers. It moved on, stopping here and there to take passengers. It was halted at Digha for some time.

Then it moved on. Now the sights outside were interesting. It was passed several villages on the way. At last, it reached my uncle's village. Essay on A Journey by Bus words. I went to Sambalpur with my mother in a bus. From home, we went to the vehicle-stand in the rickshaw.

We paid bus fare to the conductor and bought tickets. It was started at 4: There were many passengers on the bus. We reached Sundargarh at 7 P. It was stopped for some time, and we all had tea. Many passengers got down at Sundargarh, and few came in.

We stopped again at Jharsuguda and reached Sambalpur at 10 p. We hired a taxi at the vehicle-stand and went to my uncle's house. It was a pleasant journey. I do not, however, agree with this view. To me, waiting for a bus is most boring.

I will relate my personal experience. I reached Ajmeri gate with my friends well before time. At the bus stop, we were told that as the 4: We took tea at the wayside stall to pass the time 5: Still no sign of the bus. Time passed miserably for us when at 5: Mohan jumped with joy.

We will get the show minutes more We jumped as soon the bus as it came to a stop. We clung to it for dear life. It was all already jam-packed. However, it managed to reach Rivoli cinema just in time, and we could see the show after all. Essay on A Journey by Bus to words. Travelling on a bus gives us a mixed experience pleasant and unpleasant. Nowadays most of the buses in our State are crowded with passengers. The reason is the number of buses playing along a route is not sufficient.

So we all destined to travel in crowded buses. On a Sunday afternoon, I along with some passengers was waiting for the bus to Gopalpur at a bus stop. It came in a few minutes and halted there.

It was already crowded. But we were anxious to pass out Sunday afternoon on the sea beach. So we were in a mood to board the bus anyhow. The conductor asked us to obtain tickets from him one by one and get into the bus. As we were doing it, a middle-aged man came from nowhere and tried to get on the bus without obtaining a ticket. The conductor stopped him but he would not. He stood in the doorway and started arguing with the conductor.

We shouted at him to get down and allow us to get into the bus. But he would not listen to us. We were all fed up with his show. The conductor, however, pacified us and forced the man to move away from the front doorway. Now we got on the bus one by one. However, this powerlessness is broken when Jaguar Paw narrowly escapes drowning in a mud pool and his artificial blue body paint washed off by a rich mud, conveying his physical and spiritual reconnection with his native lands.

I am a hunter! This is my forest! The lingering, panning shot of Jaguar Paw and his reunited wife and son rejecting both the Mayans and Spanish by disappearing into the dense jungle emphasises his regained sense of freedom and self-determination. While Crossing the Red Sea and Apocalypto present journeys in phases of movement, Migrant Hostel depicts one in a standstill, allowing the migrants to reflect on the process of the journey and their impressions of the destination, making them both important.

Immediately apparent is that journeys often involve prolonged hardship and bring out the darker side of human nature, instead of being solely positive experiences. Clearly, though the standstill of the journey in the hostel has been rather dark and cruel, it has hardened and acclimatised the worldviews of the migrants towards inevitable hardships, showing how the journey is important for dealing with the destination.

The persona in the picture book I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew , like the migrants in Migrant Hostel , is disillusioned by the journey to the increasingly out-of-reach paradise of Solla Sollew. However, he gains a broadened understanding of life and himself, hence rendering the journey just as important as the original destination that motivated it. Throughout the picture book, the persona is peripherally placed off-centre, suggesting that he has not found any balance in his life or his place in the world.

Only when he decides to deal with his problems instead of running away from them do the pictures start centring on him, reflecting his enhanced control over his own destiny. The exaggeratedly large club he wields in striking position is a symbol for the newfound confidence the journey has equipped him with, reflecting his hopeful mood for the future. Hence, the destination may have been of utmost importance at the outset, but when it becomes unreachable, the journey itself becomes just as significant because it teaches the persona about life and reality.

In conclusion, each of the mentioned texts has life-changing implications for their respective travellers, not only as a result of reaching the destination, but also the journey itself.

While the destination provides the motivation at the outset of the journey, the process is equally important as it facilitates new experiences, perspectives and insights as a result of reflection and introspection by the traveller. Excellent use of diction, sophisticated use of T. EM, impeccable structure, succinct attack of question. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Each person's life is a journey on a contorted road dotted with bumps and craters. At certain points, the bumps could seem as high as mountains and the pits as.

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The Journey is an essay written by Crystal Ward Kent that describes the often overlooked joys that pets can bring to their owners everyday lives. The journey undertaken by the ‘traveller’ opens a wide range of experiences. These experiences lead to growth and development in the traveller.