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Social development

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❶Due to the fact that the majority of the world was initially a patriarchal society particularly in the United States before modern conceptions of gender became prevalent, the role of women within the work environment is one which is certainly worthy of investigation in terms of how women are treated, what sorts of issues they must contend with, and how others men consider working women. Yet during the reform period, the implementation of the modernization agenda was sporadic and limited geographically.

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Social Development in Adulthood Social Development in Adulthood The article that I chose for this assignment was; Introduction: Special Issue on Positive Psychology and .

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- Adolescent Social Development The social development of adolescents is very much affected by the social world. Peer relationships, family relationships, school, work, and community play a critical role in an adolescent’s social development as well as culture. Social development plays a significant role in the success of student achievement. Social development involves learning values for children, along with knowledge and skills children will need to relate to others.

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