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Essay on Gay Rights

Gay Rights Movement

❶The Rise of Gay Culture Late in the nineteenth century, urban centers in the United States began to grow as rural populations migrated to cities for work opportunities. Not having the same legal protection as heterosexuals can dramatically change the lives of thousands of homosexuals.

Pro Gay Marriage Essay

Craig Rimmerman’s Lesbian and Gay Rights Movements: Assimilation or Liberation
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Men and woman who face discrimination because of their sexual orientation suffer from low self-esteem, are more likely to suffer from mental health issues and were more likely to commit suicide. Some believe that marriage goes hand in hand with procreation and that is why gays should not be allowed to marry because they cannot pro create.

What is being promoted is equality and tolerance. Legalizing gay marriage would not stop the discrimination but it would lower the rate significantly, accordingly making the rate of people who commit suicide or consider committing suicide go down. In a study of four hundred gay, lesbian and bisexual people they discovered one in seven reported living in fear of homophobic violence.

This fear was justified in that nearly eighty five percent of those tested had been subjected to some form of homophobic violence or harassment in their lifetimes and one in two had experienced homophobic harassment or other non-physical abuse in the past two years. There are a lot of misconceptions that come along with the word homosexuality and what it really is, along with an enormous amount of stereo-types such as all gays are promiscuous and are just interested in sleep around.

Gays do have those types of relationships! But, the first thing you need to remember is: In the straight society, where those relationships also exist only do so in small amounts of people and primarily happen very young. The straight society has grouped all gays into the same category and stereotyped them as being promiscuous, uncommitted, shallow, vain, or stuck up. That is not the case at all. As a result, they were able to make life-long friendships Bullough, After the war, many of these former servicemen and Women—who had, for the first time, met other LGBT individuals through the service—decided to remain in metro areas such as San Francisco and New York City.

Cities were generally welcoming to the emerging LGBT community, and social networks expanded that were quite active throughout the s "Milestones in the Gay Rights Movement," Though LGBT communities thrived in many large cities, gay and lesbian individuals still faced discrimination and prejudice. As Vern Bullough explained, "they were victims of what others said about them," and what was said only served to perpetuate stereotypes and fear.

Homosexuality was denounced by:. During the s, LGBT individuals were routinely fired from government jobs and many were forced to leave the military. In , President Dwight D Eisenhower issued an executive order banning gay men and lesbian women from all federal jobs. State and local governments and some private corporations followed suit, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation began surveillance of known and suspected homosexual Americans.

Federal policy in turn influenced local law enforcement and police began regularly raiding gay bars and arresting their patrons. Those arrested simply hoped that they would be fined and that their arrests would escape public notice Bullough, Eventually, fed up with the harassment and growing intolerance, some gay and lesbian activists began to organize politically.

At first the groups were small in size and political influence, but growing numbers of LGBT individuals began to take a stand for their rights "Milestones in the Gay Rights Movement," Initially secret, the group eventually went public, marking the start of "gay activism" Bullough, A parallel lesbian organization, the Daughters of Billitis, was founded in San Francisco around the same time, and it later merged with the Mattachine Society. We try to make TeenInk. Please note that while we value your input, we cannot respond to every message.

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However, Gay Rights laws do not give the gay community any special privileges, but simply the same basic rights of equality that every straight person is given. I am actually doing an essay at.

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The civil rights movement is one that has evolved since its inception to represent many differing groups struggling for equality. The most recent group to enter the civil rights struggle are gay, lesbian, bi and transgendered (LGBT) individuals/5(6).

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All Nonfiction Bullying Books Academic Author Interviews Celebrity interviews College Articles College Essays Educator of the Year Heroes Gay Rights; Gay Rights what makes straights vote. Gay Rights in the United States Essay. it might look understandable. The gay rights problem has escalated in America to the point where people are willing to commit unspeakable crimes against those who are pro gay rights.