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❶Thomas, I think the decision to study programming is a good one. Learning with GIS gives graduates a competitive edge in many fields.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. The exercises are not well thought out with any care in terms of step by step instructions and goes all over the place.. The prof has this as the second book in a series of courses to review skills we learned in Law, et al's great book and learn new skills. But it is demoralizingly sloppy.

I want to say "Mister I have done learned this before but what the heck am I doing here now, you are confusing me. This is a lab textbook for me but since we don't actually use it in lab It is considered a homework book by our professor and we don't get any assistance from our lab instructor.

My version is for 10 but I'm working with For someone that is adept at learning software this package will throw a curve ball at first but as with any new field and software more use means it becomes much easier and eventually intuitive.

Which is great if you have the worst TA ever in lab. If you're just learning new stuff because you haven't used ArcGIS since an older version it will serve the purpose. Bonus the book comes with a 1 year copy of ArcGIS 10 in this version. Can't beat that for the price of the book. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This kindle book does NOT include the authorization code. I didn't find this out until a day before class. If you are buying this for a class Buy the hard copy Brand New, or you will regret it.

I rented this book for school and the steps for how to use ArcGIS where informative and very helpful. Ironically the book isn't what caused my any issues it was the program we had to use.

The book had the occasional discrepancy between it and the UI for the program it can't be helped because the program is updated so obnoxiously often. It was a good book but, it you need to use it I would recommend simply renting it and printing out or taking notes on pages you will need if you need it in your future or regularly in your career. The exercises throughout the chapter are pretty straightforward, but the end of chapter assignments can be extremely frustrating at times. The author skips crucial little steps in just assuming that the reader knows what to do and it can throw off the entire assignment.

The only reason I can really fully complete some of the exercises is because out teacher will help us when we get really stuck. My entire class seems to be pulling our hair out over certain assignments.

I think this is helpful to get your feet wet with GIS, and even for intermediate users, but complete beginners should seek help to go along with this book. One person found this helpful. The tutorials are great step by step processes but the assignments are difficult to do because there isn't an index to help you find how to do specific processes.

For example, I needed to make a cloropleth map but forgot how. There is no helpful directory to find the tutorial that covered that process. If you're learning to use the ArcGIS software version 10 or You can do this through an internship or by joining a research project or by just doing your own project…maybe for credit via independent study or for a capstone or thesis project if you have good rapport with a professor in your program. I have searched far and wide for your e-mail address; however, it appears to be buried deep within the mysterious caverns of the internet — so, this will have to suffice and I hope you feels the question is relevant to your post.

Further, I have taught for three 3 years. That said, there is so much hum and glum on the internet about the demise of the field. Am I setting myself up for failure — in terms of the financial investment — by attending this program? Hi Thomas — You have a very interesting background. Do you want to become a GIS software developer or did you have something else in mind? What do you want to be able to do after grad school?

Further, the opportunities — when available — all seem really interesting. My thought is this: I think many of the people discussing the dearth of opportunities may be the less creative with respect to the dissemination of their resumes? It is awesome that you are so diligent with your responses to your fan base I have witnessed it throughout your site. Thomas, You definitely sound like a geographer and I mean that in a good way.

My advice would be to look into more traditional geography programs rather than only considering programs focusing on a technical GIS curriculum. There are loads of other programs out there that could also be a good fit. You might read about the faculty at Clark and then trace their background to find out where they studied and who else studied with them. This will give you ideas fairly quickly about who you might like to learn from and where they teach.

Your background has given you a good sense as to the possibilities and opportunities that geography offers but I would urge you to study geography more comprehensively rather than focusing only on GIS technologies. You mentioned some pessimism about employment prospects for GIS professionals. Many of these people with a negative outlook have good reason to be worried.

Those who are trained in all aspects of ArcGIS but not much else are in big trouble and they will need to retool for the future. Thank you for your quick reply.

I wanted to update you with where I am headed with respect to my own training as it may be helpful to others.

Too, I believe my chosen route is one you tangentially encouraged in another post. After a few months of thought and two weeks before my classes began , I decided to change — to transfer — to another program and school, entirely.

Many of the things I am interested in with respect to GIS are all programming driven, e. I believe emphasis I have some new ideas about where to take the field and where to apply it; however, I want to develop the software that does it. Developing geospatial information science is the long-term goal; however, I have realized I need some other competencies in order to be a part of that process, namely programming.

Spatial and geographical training is the five year plan — but, I have realized I want some other bits and pieces along the way that will allow me to attain that goal and hopefully allow me to apply for some interesting and competitive positions as I work toward the goal. Thomas, I think the decision to study programming is a good one.

And, learning at a community college is typically a much more economical choice. I think it makes good sense. Delighted to hear that my comments were of some assistance. I currently work as a GIS Analyst and have 2. I would like to pursue a graduate program but since I have no programming background. Feel that IT should be the path to follow. Hi Rudy, Thanks for the comment! I am interested in getting into the GIS software development, but I am not really sure I can get into this field.

Our department has put more emphasis in GIS programming python and I have taken a javascript, css, html class in the computer science department. So my question is, how can I be competitive and be eligible to apply for these jobs? What do you think? I think my advice would be to self study Python to become as proficient as possible and build some cool applications on your own.

Post your apps on a blog to demonstrate your skills and market yourself. You could even offer your services on a freelance basis via elance or equivalent. But, be on the lookout for a good job. You need a mentor to teach you how to write truly industrial strength code and you need to be part of a good team to learn quality software development processes. Going solo is great but very difficult if you lack experience. After gaining some work experience you might consider grad school.

But, I would not recommend an associates degree as, in my opinion, adding that to your resume will make you look like someone who belongs in a lower level technical position where the work will be neither interesting nor lucrative.

Thank you so much for your incredible site. I am delighted to see my alma mater UCSB ranked so highly here! Now after an honest to God epiphany I am considering returning for graduate work. In this article you say: I am very interested in the path you took. What factors pulled you in the entrepreneurial direction? What were your biggest obstacles? How did LogicNet form? Would you mind sharing the full story? I am deeply interested in economic geography but I genuinely love all elements of geography including physical geography, digital visualisation, remote sensing, migration, biogeography, ancient civilizations and climate change.

Should I keep my focus laser sharp during the admissions process or is it prudent to express my varied interests? Hi Emma, Thanks so much for the friendly note and congrats on having attended one of the best geography programs in the universe! First, in regards to positioning during the admissions process, I think yes to both. I would go ahead and express varied interests across the discipline but then do your best to articulate a laser focus on a research topic that you are anxious to explore.

Second, I would love to elaborate on the move into software and how it played out but that would take time — it is a long story. I will give the idea some thought. Thank you so much Justin! I have bookmarked your site and will return often. I am from UK and have been silently following your blog for a while now but finally decided to share my own academic experience and in the process seek some guidance on my future plans.

In year , I had my first exposure to GIS during a departmental training and I immediately realized it was the ultimate profession I wanted. In the next four years, I undertook various introductory courses in GIS and remote sensing and finally decided to pursue higher studies in GIS. Being an in-service professional, I searched for an online option and finally registered with University of Leeds for the online MSc GIS program, which they offer in collaboration with University of Southampton and PennState.

Now comes the tricky part of the story. I have completed the coursework and now ready to start my dissertation work. I have certain ideas in mobile, web and cloud based GIS applications, but the problem is I have been unable to find out any staff in the university who could supervise for these ideas.

The coordinators want me to select a topic which follows a more generalized theme and may deprive me of an opportunity to fully exploit the developer skills attained in the process. I have already put my newly learned skills to use by developing and successfully deploying server based GIS applications for my department on the local intranet. With the above in mind, do you feel it will be a good idea to take an exit from the university with a postgraduate diploma and leave my dissertation.

This will allow me to further refine my GIS developer knowledge through its practical application in the field and I can afterwards join back some other graduate school which has good opportunities for research till PhD especially in web and mobile GIS domains. Alternately, I may continue my studies and complete my dissertation on one of the topics proposed by the department.

This is a big decision. I would be reluctant to pull out of the PhD program at this point. If you want a PhD you should finish now if at all possible. Or maybe take a leave of absence for a year and work on your technical developer skill set. I would take a year off if possible , then look for a topic that meets your skill development interests while pursuing a more fundamental geography topic your advisors will approve.

Thanks for great response Justin, I probably needed to be more clear. Infact, I have not yet entered the PhD program. Secondly, since it is an online masters degree, I am not sure if I can do any meaningful research at my own, considering limitations at the faculty end. So will it not be wise to leave this MSc at this stage I will still earn a postgraduate diploma and then enter some other program in US and Canada which affords the option to transfer to PhD after one year at masters stage.

Well, that is indeed a big difference. Yes, if your objective is to pursue a PhD then you need to be in a traditional not online program. Hi Justin, I see that people have continued to comment on this article even into late , as I am doing!

I find the information still relevant. I was hoping to ask for your advice even now. Before that, I had been working in the field of energy and environment since For various reasons, this kind of work does not have as many resources devoted to it compared to other efforts e.

So having learned a ton and having built departments from the ground up, I reached a point where I had done as much as I could, learned as much as I could and yet there was not much opportunity to improve things or to grow, even though it will be needed eventually. The only difference every day was that the quantity of repetitious tasks needing to be done steadily increased in quantity.

All along, I had been streamlining work and automating tasks on the computer, creating standard procedures and teaching them to field technicians, etc, in order to keep at bay the growing workload that accompanies an explosion in sales. I enjoyed creating solutions, problem solving, automating tasks, and teaching others.

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