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The Marshall Plan

In essence, most regions in Europe were on the verge of famine since agricultural activities were halted by war. The plan for reconstruction was developed during a meeting of European states and was drafted on 5 th June Similar aid was offered to the Soviet Union as well as its allies however, they turned down the offer because they believed to accept it meant allowing the United States control over communist economies. Secretary Marshall was convinced Stalin did not have any interest in assisting with restoration of economic stability in Western Europe.

As the aid came to an end in , the economy of all participating states had already surpassed the levels of pre-war. For two decades afterwards, the level of prosperity and growth in Western Europe was unprecedented. The Plan was the very first element of integration in Europe due to the fact that it got rid of trade barriers and led to the setting up of institutions that coordinated the economy on continental level.

This means Western Europe was completely stimulated for political reconstruction. This is because the US benefited greatly since by giving aid to these countries, they had no option but to open their economies to the United States. The only place where you can buy an essay paper that is perfectly written and formatted such as this is at Essays Experts. This is because we are experinced in the field to give you the best. Why the Marshall Plan was important World War 2 which had gone on for years had serious devastating effects on Europe.

Development The plan for reconstruction was developed during a meeting of European states and was drafted on 5 th June After the conclusion of the brutal World War II, Europe was left in ruins - all of the governments were torn to shreds and beautiful cities looked like nothing more than graveyards. New government powers subsequently emerged; countries began to adopt the communist governmental system. Communism was a type of government, where the government controlled the nation and people would work as one nation to be successful.

This idealistic government was adopted by many countries; however, it was not possible to achieve completely because the people in charge took advantage of it and others suffered. In the United States, communism and communist countries, such as the Soviet Union, were feared and hated; they were looked at as evil Yaksic was in great favor of it however. The United States believed communism took away the rights of freedom and as the idea of communism spread, democracy was being threatened.

A very good way the United States could try to stop the spread communism was by helping the nations of Europe that agreed to not become or no longer stay communist. President Truman ignited the Marshall Plan. The Marshall Plan was created with the purpose of helping democracy flourish in Europe and it was successful since the majority of the western European countries did not fall under communist ways. President Truman responded with a bold policy, when the threat of countries falling into heightened.

In response Truman needed a strong, bold leader, he went to George C.

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The Marshall Plan essaysAfter the devastating effects of WWII, Europe's economic and social conditions where in shambles. The personal suffering and internal upheavals threatened chaos. There was a lack of coal, steel, electrical power, railroad cars, locomotives, trucks, oil, and grain. All.

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The Marshall Plan officially known as the European Recovery Program or ERP, it was the primary program during to assist with aid. The. Free Essay: The Marshall Plan First and foremost, a great deal of Europe’s success would not have happened without its initial aid from the United States.

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Read Marshall Plan free essay and over 88, other research documents. Marshall Plan. After the conclusion of the brutal World War II, Europe was left in ruins - all of the governments were /5(1). Marshall Plan. Officially known as European Recovery Program (ERP), the Marshall Plan was crafted by the US for purposes of rebuilding allied Europe country after World War 2.