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Obesity Outline

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❶Obesity continues to become a problem in the United States, and it is an issue that must be addressed as a society as a whole. Dimensions of Early Childhood, 36 1 ,

Causes of Obesity

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For a while, the percentage of children that were becoming clinically obese at a young age was steadily increasing through out the nation. However, there have been programs implemented in primary schools across the US in order to fight the presence of childhood obesity.

Some of the measures that are being taken include the implementation of health programs at a younger age, the increase of physical fitness in schools, the decrease of the presence of vending machines, and the integration of a healthier school lunch menu.

These are just a handful of some of the procedures taken to help children to become healthier on a regular basis. While schools cannot control the nutrition and foods that are available to children at home, they can regulate a healthier program for children during the school day.

The times of students having access to unhealthy foods from vending machines and in the school cafeteria are long gone. Now most schools are getting rid of their vending machines so that students do not even have the option to purchase unhealthy foods.

Thanks for pointing out that obesity could be because of genetics too. I hate when people make fun of fat people without knowing facts. So stop judging us. Obesity is measured using the body mass index BMI. Obesity predisposes individuals to various health conditions, including type II diabetes, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular diseases, obstructive sleep apnea and various types of cancer. Currently, obesity is the leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States of America and many other developed nations round the globe.

The risk increases along with shifts in either direction. The same research has shown that a BMI above 32 doubles the rate of mortality among females aged above 16 years. Excessive caloric intake coupled with a sedentary life is the most common cause of obesity among most obese people. A part from these common causes there a few cases of genetically caused obesity.

Genetically obese people are predisposed to the condition due to their genetic make up. Other conditions may also be responsible for obesity, and these may include psychiatric illnesses, medications and endocrine disorders.

Despite the genetic pre-disposure, the view that some people gain a lot of weight even with little caloric intake because of a slow metabolism is greatly limited; on average non-obese people have less energy expenditure compared to their fat counterparts because the fat people require more energy to maintain the bigger body mass. Reviews in identified another 10 potential contributors to the current rise in obesity. The research on these is inconclusive, but there is an established connection, though not as strong as the earlier stated causes.

The link is however complicated and not easy to explain. For example being in a state of stressful life or occupation may result in obesity. Depression which is also one of the psychological conditions has a link to obesity, but the link is inconsistent and uncertain.

There is significant prove that people at times may engage in overeating when they are stressed, this acts as a form of self medication for them. This is however inconclusive because some people in stress have been known to greatly reduce their eating and in return reduce much of their weight. Researches in to preferences of obesity have also shown that people would rather prefer many other conditions rather than be obese, and this gives a conclusive look that indeed there is a great connection between obesity and psychology.

There is no specific treatment for obesity, but rather a combination of measures that are meant to meant to cut back on the conditions that are implicated in the cause of obesity. However, the two most major approaches are dieting and the engagement in an active exercising life. The reduction in caloric intake is meant to cut back on weight gain, whereas an exercise program is meant to cut back on any already gained weight.

Dieting and exercise have been known to be effective in weight reduction, but their effect does not last as long as they are withdrawn. Thus weight maintenance requires a constant maintenance of development of a lasting habit that is developed over time and cultured into the life of an individual.

Once the day at college is over, the student is already too exhausted to take a step ahead. At this moment, it is the candy bar from the vending machine which would probably energize him. At this time, he is unaware of the consequences that the future awaits due to his unhealthy lifestyle. In such circumstances when practicing similar unhealthy routines with…… [Read More]. Obesity Is a Psychological and Physical Health.

Obesity is a psychological and physical health epidemic in America, and is leading to skyrocketing health care costs and spending. One side of the argument pushes for government programs, policies, and interventions such as public service announcements or prohibitions on junk food in public schools. The other side of the argument decries government intervention, suggesting that market-driven economics will at least price poor fat people out of the health care insurance market and could motivate rich fat people to change their behaviors.

In between these two polarizing points of the spectrum are various ideas that might help end the obesity and overeating epidemic in the United States. This is the most sensible place to rest on the spectrum of what to do about obesity because like most political issues, obesity is not black-and-white but many shades of gray.

Obesity Community Agency Assessment The. The former are commissioned to improve the balance and affordability of healthy food options and the latter are considered valuable policy advocates, with prominent entertainers and athletes serving to the proliferate an important message.

The implications of this service direction are crucial to such large-population contexts as the Los Angeles County and metropolitan area. The program is generally facilitated by public funding such as the taxpayer's allotment which is given to the California Department of Public Health. The primacy of prevention is crucial to what the COPP does.

Therefore, one its core services is the provision of outreach to those demographics which are recognized as being high risk. In our research, populations of particular note are those living in…… [Read More]. Obesity in African-American Adolescents the. For adolescents living in the Delta, health education on modifiable risk factors is mandatory if any change is to be seen.

Community initiatives which are combined and integrated with school and home initiatives focused toward healthier eating have been found to be effective in educating and treating African-Americans who are suffering from obesity.

Sedentary lifestyles and poor eating habits coupled result in not only obesity but also oftentimes more serious diseases and complications such as experienced by those with diabetes mellitus, which is a common complication of obesity among African-American individuals. Obesity Has Indeed Become One. Indeed, we spend more money on healthier food by comparison to fast food products. While the former require a larger amount of money, the latter is accessible to even low income families.

By comparison to smoking and alcohol, obesity is not different at a first glance. They all create a certain dependence of a taste or flavor. At the same time, this dependence can be stopped and controlled through a strong will. However, obesity can transform a healthy body into a heart suffering one, with circulation problems and even psychological disorders and social rejection. Obesity has become a strain even for the health care system.

This is due to the fact that it represents the cause of heart diseases, blood pressure, and weakness of the immune system because there are not enough vitamins consumed and too much negative substances in turn. Thus, the health care system, by providing assistance in…… [Read More]. Obesity -- More the Fault of the. There are many reasons that account for this, some of which have to do with modern life and others that are attributable to personal choices made by individuals and families on behalf of children.

Granted, modern life does entail far less physical activity: However, being overweight or obese is not inevitable and many people maintain healthy body composition and weight throughout their lives. Among all of the contributing factors, those that are purely a matter of choice are the…… [Read More]. Obesity Prevention and Treatment Community.

Preventive services Budget constraints made it necessary to use grants and volunteers to staff the Cape May initiative, but by working within the community, CE was able to create an effective campaign: The community also began a collective dialogue to improve the quality of nutritional and physical education support within the large juvenile population.

Discuss overall community efforts to resolve this problem CE stresses the need for communities to help themselves. By staging conferences and working within the community, it strives to tailor its programs in a highly specific fashion. New Jersey is a densely populated state with many budgetary challenges: Discuss the community health nurse's role in…… [Read More].

Homework assignments can include discussing with parents at least one healthy food that can be added to the family diet. Gym sessions can be increased during the school day, supplemented by field trips that encourage physical activity. Homework assignments, especially for young children, could include physical activities undertaken with parents. Children could then report on these in writing or orally. These can be implemented while the more complicated issues such as fast food at school cafeterias are addressed by legislation.

The important aspect of this is that the root of the problem is addressed by involving the whole family in a policy of exchanging unhealthy habits for healthy ones. Legislative trategies to Reduce…… [Read More].

Obesity to What Extent Do. It will not focus on achieving a certain standard of thinness, and will emphasize the importance of behavioral modification as an essential component of healthy living. A national and comprehensive obesity campaign can be effective, if implemented correctly and in a fashion that promotes overall wellness, not simply achievement of a standard of thinness.

Obesity can be conquered if it is approached from the perspective that healthy and well people are the norm and the ideal American person.

Helping Your Child Lose Weight. American Academy of Family Physicians. American Obesity Association, 17 October , http: Writing and eading Across the Curriculum. In Laurence Behrens and Leonard J. Writing and…… [Read More]. Obesity in Children and Impact of Advertising. Participants will be recruited with announcements in local newspapers and school newsletters. Flyers are posted in the nurse's offices and in the clinic.

See the participation invitation -- Appendix 1. Materials Once enrolled, participants will answer a series of questions related to food choices, influences, physical activities and food and beverage advertisements.

The first measure will involve showing the children a set of distinct images. The following 15 images are examples of popular logos. These 15 will be used…… [Read More]. Obesity Is a Subject That. Effects The effects of obesity are numerous and include both physical and psychological factors. The physical effects of obesity include heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, hypertension, respiratory issues, and sleep apnea Health Consequences.

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United Sates. In many cases heart disease is preventable or controllable through weight loss and healthy living. Another major effect of obesity is diabetes. Diabetes is a very detrimental disease because it can affect every organ in the body and it is a major cause of blindness in the United States. In addition, many people with diabetes experience kidney failure and even the amputation of limbs as a result of nerve damage and poor circulation Health Consequences.

Respiratory problems and sleep apnea are also high amongst people who suffer from obesity. Respiratory problems may lead to dependence on oxygen machines. Sleep apnea is particularly…… [Read More]. Obesity the National Media Reports. This association between education, socioeconomic level and obesity has not yet been fully explored, and may be false, since rates of obesity are increasing in high and middle income groups as well.

Medical issues may lead to weight gain, and must be considered in the differential. Conditions such as hypothyroidism, Cushing's syndrome and polycystic ovarian syndrome are often associated with weight gain. Lack of knowledge surrounding the condition may also contribute to rates of obesity. In a recent study published in American Family Physician , Americans were surveyed asking to report approximate height and weight, which was then used to calculate BMI. Since this study is based on self-report, it is quite possible that there is an even higher degree of obesity, since many people underreport their weight.

These figures certainly differ from objective data gained from the Centers…… [Read More]. Obesity in Bellingham WA a.

The report recommends students to perform PE or at least an hour each day, minutes a week for elementary-age students, and minutes for middle and high school students.

Washington State schools are required minutes of PE per week in the first to 8th grades. However, they are not required daily recess or a report card for each school. It also recommends that PE classes be handled by certified and licensed PE teachers. In , parents sued the school board for allowing non-certified specialists to…… [Read More]. Obesity and the European Food. As a result they wanted numerical information on amount of nutrients in a serving. However they found GDA percentage rather confusing.

Also the importance of making nutrition and ingredient labeling mandatory on wines, beers and spirits and having a consistent mandatory labeling system with color codes was emphasized by the NGOs representing different areas of health at the hearing. These products could not be eliminated from the labeling because they were part of the foods that contributed to obesity.

At the public hearing on efficient food, Public Hearing on Efficient foods, Mr. Rates of obesity are rising worldwide. Given the global nature of the disease, clinical guidelines have become increasingly standardized, but it is still necessary to tailor interventions to specific populations to create age appropriate, culturally appropriate, and gender appropriate treatment interventions.

After a brief discussion of obesity pathophysiology, this paper will evaluate standard practices at local, state, national, and international levels. Access to care and treatment options also determine disease outcomes.

Therefore, this paper will also address…… [Read More]. Obesity and Genetics Academic Institution esearch shows that science has been displaying that genetics have always been playing a position in obesity for quite a while. It is clear that the genes can openly produce obesity in syndromes for instance, with the Prader-Willi syndrome.

Nevertheless, genes do not at all times forecast future health Genetics, Behavior and genes could both be required for an individual to be heavy. In some circumstances multiple genes possibly will raise one's weakness for obesity and necessitate outside factors; such as abundant food supply or not having much physical activity. With that said, this paper will discuss genetics and the role it plays in obesity. Obesity is Complex Obesity is not that simple but it is a complex disease.

It results from the dealings of an extensive variability of hereditary and ecological factors Hirschhorn, The mutual progress in measureable heredities, genomics and bioinformatics…… [Read More]. Obesity and Its Relation to. Many Americans would rather die or cut off a limb than be fat There is an underlying prejudice towards the excessively overweight that has, to a large extent, become an accepted part of society.

As Worley states, it has become " Worley, Schwartz and others also emphasis the negative way that fat people are treated in public, as well as by family members. This leads to feelings if shame and a loss of self-esteem, with all the negative psychological aspects that this implies.

However, there are organizations that have realized the extent of this problem and who actively involved in raising public awareness about unfair prejudice and in helping combat such prejudice in society. An Overview hat is the disease? Obesity is an increasingly prevalent metabolic disorder whereby a patient's BMI or body mass index, defined as the patient's weight in kilograms divided by the patient's height in meters squared in kilograms, is greater than Obesity puts one at greater risk for a number of ailments, and a BMI less than 21 is associated with the greatest protection from coronary heart disease mortality and other life-threatening ailments affecting the heart, other vital organs, and the body's metabolism.

Eckel, However, there are problems with the BMI-based definition of obesity, as many women with a BMI of near 30 may be less at risk for heart disease if their increase in adipose tissue is distributed in the pelvis and not the abdomen.

Substantial evidence now indicates that an increased waist circumference, or waist-to-hip ratio, better predicts co-morbidities and mortality from obesity, such as…… [Read More]. Obesity Can Be Defined as a State. Obesity can be defined as a state where surplus body fat is accumulated to the point that turns out to create an unfavorable consequence on an individual health.

According to Haslam DW, James WP this situation brings about shortens life expectancy as well as amplified health complications. This extent is reached at by dividing an individual's heaviness in kg against the square of the individual's height in meters. It has been observed that obesity inflates the probability of a range of diseases, for the most part heart disease, type 2 diabetes, disruptive sleep apnea, particular kind of cancer, as well as osteoarthritis. This condition obesity is usually caused by a mixture of extreme energy foods ingestion, be deficient in physical activity, as well as hereditary defenselessness, even though a small number of…… [Read More].

Obesity in Children Childhood Obesity. Their fat intakes are falling and the percentage of total energy derived from protein is rising. Lower energy intakes are apparent even among young children and seem to be more pronounced in girls than in boys olland-Cachera and Bellisle Whether or not childhood obesity is the urgent problem that some experts suggest it is, we…… [Read More]. Obesity and BMI Mini Proposal The obesity problems within Western civilization in today's day have presented many challenges to different aspects of society.

Finding causal relationships within this epidemic of obesity is paramount for a well ordered and healthy society. It is important to understand this problems through the younger population as this population provides a unique and key aspect into the problem and provide a manner in providing solutions for the long-term.

Throughout this battle with obesity, researchers have discovered tools that have helped model this problem in new and effective ways. The Body Mass Index BMI model has provided health professionals and other interested parties in determining the impact of mass on the health of an individual. This relative scale has been employed in many areas and denotes and important part of the investigation between health and body weight.

Another important variable within this domain of research is…… [Read More]. Home Topics Health Obesity Essays. Prevalence and Trends in Obesity among U.

JAMA, 3 , Oxford University Press, 1 1 , 1. Dimensions of Early Childhood, 36 1 , Recommendation and Reports, 58 7 , Works Cited Youfa Wang, et al. Health United States, Secular trends in body mass index and skinfold thickness with socioeconomic factors in young adult men. Clin Nutr, 48 3: Journal Study on Health affairs: Health Affairs, published by Project HOPE, is a bimonthly journal devoted to publishing the leading edge in health policy thought and research.

Re-Thinking 'The Obesity Problem'. Summer Geography, Vol. Tax Policy and the Obesity Epidemic. Summer Journal of Law and Health, Vol. July Perspectives in Public Health, Vol. Prevalence and trends in U. Macroeconomics, Princeton University, Worth Publishers. The disease burden associated with overweight and obesity. Reference List Bray, G. Weight Bias in Graduate School Admissions. References Centre for Disease Control, Obesity Statistics and the Impact of Obesity. Obesity rates highest among African -- American Women.

Overview of Prevalence, Etiology, and Treatment. Obesity as a Disability View Full Essay. From Aetiology to Public Health 2nd ed. University of California Press. Obesity Management in Family Practice. Retrieved from Get America Fit: Retrieved from The New Economist: Obesity Trends Among U. References List Cutler, D.

Journal of Economic Perspectives, 17 3 , Is Fat the New Normal? Obesity Education View Full Essay. Retrieved September 29, from http: Obesity in America View Full Essay. Why have Americans become more obese? Journal of Economic Perspective 17 3: Out of the kitchen, onto the couch. The New York Times Magazine. Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity. Science-based solutions to obesity: American journal of clinical nutrition, Rise of obesity exacerbated by 'social multiplier' effects.

Retrieved April 16, , from Science daily: Obesity research in the college.

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However, obesity is about having too much fat in the body. It is related with the eating patterns and habits which play an important part in order to live a healthy life. Therefore, obesity occurs with different causes and lead to several impacts on an individual.

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Aug 29,  · View and download obesity essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your obesity essay. Obesity: Causes and Effects An individual’s weight is determined by the balance of calorie intake as well as the amount of physical activities in which he/ she participates. If a balance is maintained between these two, then an individual can maintain appropriate body weight.