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❶It's not THAT difficult to fill out the form. His merit date was in March 09' but it was taken away and now the hearing for parole is going to be his inital release.

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They gather as much information need be I've heard of people who have filled out their paperwork up to 4 months prior to the hearing, which usually takes place somewhere from 3-months to less prior to the release date. See thats what is wierd about it all, they had him fill it out but his parole hearing isnt til July which is more like 7months away.

It seems way to far out for him to start the process i though. And they made it seem so urgent, they kept telling him they need it filled out and back to them ASAP! Do you think this could be a good thing? It could be a good sign I don't know what state he is in, but he could be up for merit good time Where they will attempt to have him released early because he's had good behavior while inside Why don't you start some investigation online perhaps by reading up info.

He is in NY! He got his merit taken away from him for a ticket he got on dirty unrine and was sent to the box. His merit date was in March 09' but it was taken away and now the hearing for parole is going to be his inital release. I already have read everything they have on parole in NY, nothing talks about the paperwork they are given to fill out. A friend of mine her hubby was give these papers just right before he went to parole, so she was under the impression they fill them out only when its close to them going to a hearing.

But in my case he is so far away from his hearing date which is now coming up this July, so i found it odd they gave him these papers with all the time in between. Let me just tell ou this, not to sound discouraging but, My hubby had to fill out paper work prior to him going to parole, but the funny thing about it he was sent to a facility where he had to stay longer The PO still came out to my house when I told her that he has to spend extra time,,,She was like Uuuggghhh, Once again they didn't update the computer system..

So there is a possibility that they are just not aware of the fact that his merit time was taken away I bet you almost anything this is the case..

If you talk to him, ask him to ask the Parole Officer onsite, what is going on. He did ask then already but they didnt answer him they said to just fill it out and get it back to them immediatly.

But I bet your right on the whole not updating the fact that his merit was taken away. Center it at the top of the page. Sincerely, Your Signature Your Name. We supply a list of EFL job vacancies. Dear Honorable Members of the Parole Board: Thankyou for your time and attention. Are you writing a letter as a character witness, or as a sponsor, or? I am a grammarian, not a legal expert, and there may be some items that you are required to include.

It would be a good idea if you could give us a first draft of a letter which includes the basic things you want to say, and then we can correct it for you. Dear Guest, I tried writing this message last night but I had difficulty accessing this site. Thus my message contains some overlapping themes from Mister Macawber's note. I suspect that writing a parole support letter is an involved process. You must understand--in-depth--the convict, his crimes, the impact upon the victims and society, and other associated factors.

To simply ask in this forum for help writing a parole letter without having given this topic a lot of thought and consideration is asking too much. For us to draw out all the salient details and craft a well-written letter would take many hours. As MM suggested, you can write a draft letter and someone will assist with the grammar portion of it. If I were you, I'd simply google "parole board letter" without the quotes to see what you can find on the Internet to help get you started. If you do post a letter here in this forum to be reviewed, please use a fake name for the convict John Doe and use a fake name for the prison Big House.

That way, the identity of the individual is protected. Check out our list of pronunciation videos. I need help writing a letter of support. I am writing a support letter on behalf of my brother - to follow is a a rough draft: Do you have an attachment icon - I have already typed a draft Re: I am writing this letter in support of my brother, xxxxxxxx who is scheduled to appear before the Parole Board in February.

I am imploring you to favorably consider his release as I can assure you that after 12 years, he has addressed his past harmful behavior and I am certain that he will do well upon his release. Erik is 5 years my elder and although our individual temperaments were distinctive in that he was the more assertive, he was always considerate and helpful. I remember Erik in earlier years as being thoughtful and considerate, the one who taught me the alphabet how to tie my shoes and defended me when I was blamed for doing something wrong.

Although he dropped out of school, he went to work, moved into his own apartment and seemed to do well for awhile. However, I became aware that he began to associate with an undesirable crowd and was using drugs as he strayed further from family and friends. I was very concerned, but was powerless in my futile attempt to help him. During this time we drifted apart, since his drug use forced him to commit acts against the law to finance his habit and resulted in his inevitable incarcerations.

In the ensuing years, I have spoken to him often on the phone and visited on occasion. However, I have not been able to see him lately as often as I would like, except when on leave, since I am currently on active military duty stationed outside the continental. I am an Officer in the Unites States Navy. It is evident from my last visit and subsequent conversations with him that he has matured a great deal.

He has learned how his lack of self control and extreme emotional state influenced his resorting to drugs and has vowed that if released, he would in no way resort to drugs. Erik now has a profound commitment to accomplishing his goals and no doubt he will never again be the kind of person who allows his emotions to outweigh his rationale.

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K1/2 visa holders who have married a U.S. citizen must apply for LPR status and advance parole prior to international travel. NOTE: USCIS now issues employment and travel authorization on a single card for certain applicants filing an Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Form I*.

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Probation and parole term papers examine their role in the criminal justice system. The criminal justice system in the United States is the process whereby individuals are convicted and punished for breaking the law.

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Free parole papers, essays, and research papers. A Career as a Parole Officer - Parole Officer I am writing on being a parole officer. - Parole Officer I am writing on being a parole officer. I am giving information on them. My mom was on probation so I have had my experiences with probation and how positively it could affect one’s life.

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Jan 14,  · They always call you to do parole papers prior to their hearing They gather as much information need be so that they can review it and present it to parole. I've heard of people who have filled out their paperwork up to 4 months prior to the hearing, which usually takes place somewhere from 3-months to less prior to the . Parole and Mandatory Release Tiffany Berkley CJS/ March 16, Douglas Brinkley Parole is the release order agreement of an inmate with conditions of terms from the Commission. Parole is an act of a second chance of live outside prison under supervision rather than serving the whole sentence in prison.