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❶Deregulation of financial intermediaries was intended to dampen the periodic swings toward disintermediation. Rather, they will drive a process of reintermediation , driven by evolving customer needs.

What is 'Disintermediation'

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BREAKING DOWN 'Reintermediation'
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Reintermediation occurs when interest rates are rising or when there is too much uncertainty in the financial markets regarding the risks, or too much confusion regarding the returns potential. Opposite of disintermediation.

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DEFINITION of 'Reintermediation' Reintermediation can be used in several contexts within finance. Each context involves the introduction of money or an extra step into an already existing process or system.

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Definition - What does Reintermediation mean? Reintermediation is the reintroduction of an intermediary between a goods producer and consumers. While disintermediation removes elements form the supply chain, reintermediation adds new elements to the supply chain. You'll discover how technology and other factors are driving a radical new round of disintermediation, reintermediation, and disruption--and what that means to you and your company.

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Reintermediation means applying the power of the Web to create new and more effective supply chain relationships. re-intermediation definition: Noun 1. (finance) The reintroduction of an intermediary between producer and consumer in order to provide a flow of funds Origin re- +"Ž intermediation Re-intermediation dictionary definition | re-intermediation defined.