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Science and Technology Essay

50 words Essay on Science and Technology / Very short essay on Science and Technology

❶Science has its darker aspect as well. Science and technology plays vital role in the modern life and profoundly influenced the course of human civilization.

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Villages are developed into towns and towns to cities and cities are expanding to greater horizons. This expansion has occurred through the expansion of science and technology over the years passed and will be more in the coming years. Today, countries are classified as developed and developing countries. The major categorization is based on economy and the application of science and technology. If carefully analysed, one gets to understand that countries which have a strong base in science and technology are the ones that developed faster.

A few decades ago, these countries were known to have poor policies, low discipline and no advancement and then with the introduction of science and technology in an effective manner, they have made ripples across the globe. The role that science and technology has played in improving the life conditions across the globe is vivid, but the benefit has to been harvested maximum by all countries.

Science and technology has made life a lot easier and also a lot better with the advancement of medicines and analysis on diseases. Apart from the medical side, there has been remarkable development in education, communication, agriculture, industry etc.

In spite of the advancements in almost all sectors, still the world is not free from hunger, disease, pollution, illiteracy and poverty. The gap between the rich and the poor has widened. By the 21 st century, with the right applications of research, development, and implications of science and technology a major difference could be brought about.

A scientifically unsophisticated society means an underdeveloped nation in al sectors. It is easily understood when analysing that countries like Japan and USA who invest a decent amount for research and development are in the highest stratum of development whereas countries like Nepal who invest very less amount in research and development remain in the lowest ladder of development.

Without proper implementation of science and technology, no nation could grow and all those nations that were labelled as low in growth have proved where they stand today and all that has happened only because of science and technology.

We as citizens of the nation and who hold equal responsibility for the growth should equip our youth with all possible facilities for their research thirst and support and motivate them, as the future of our nation is in their hands and they could get our nation to more advanced levels than what it is today.

Machinery that is used in hospitals has also been developed using science and technology. These are machines to help someone breathe or even scan and diagnose an illness. Therefore using science and technology in medicine does save lives. Many will also have been tested. These tests will be to ensure that the food is safe for consumption but tests also have to be carried out to find out the nutritional values of a product.

Packaged food and drink now have to show their nutritional information on their packaging so that people know how much fat, protein, carbohydrates and calories are in a product. The science comes in when looking at the kinetic energy that is created or the fuel consumption and how an engine works. Even when chemical pesticides are not used, scientific knowledge about how the sun rises and sets, when is the best time of year for particular crops and the use of greenhouses if also a use of science in nature.

However, despite how far technology has taken humans and no matter how convenient it may make things, there are some disadvantages accompanying this level of access. Technology advances show people a more efficient way to do things, and these processes get results. For example, education has been greatly advanced by the technological advances of computers. Students are able to learn on a global scale without ever leaving their classrooms.

Agricultural processes that once required dozens upon dozens of human workers can now be automated, thanks to advances in technology, which means cost-efficiency for farmers. This practical approach leads to predictable results which can be observed and confirmed through practical approaches. All inventions are based on scientific discoveries. It is fast and easy way to get a lot of valuable information. However some people believe that the internet creates many problems. From my point of view I guess that the internet brings us advantages as well as disadvantages.

Inventions and Innovations through Science and Technology Invention and innovation represent those aspects of human creativity that have raised the standard of living in much of the world to a level that would provoke wonder and envy among, for example, European nobles of the 16th century or even royalty of earlier times. Between and AD, real income per capita in Western Europe grew at a rate estimated to be about 0.

Between and the rate rose to 0. In the last 25 years it has stood at about 1. So, the doubling time of real income was about years for an individual in the Middle Ages and only about 50 years in the last century.

Prior to , most technologies in use rested on a very narrow base of scientific or technological understanding. The foundation of knowledge was insufficient to build a stable edifice of invention and innovation. After , the scientific revolution, the broadening of technological understanding, the improving information exchange of the day, and no doubt other factors as well led to the first and second industrial revolutions with their sustained outpouring of inventions, and innovations.

Today, the products of inventors and human invention pervade our lives, from the digital revolution to medical miracles, from the alarm clock that wakes us up to the sedative that helps us sleep.

They make life longer, more comfortable, more informed, more engaging, for the most part safer from disease and violence, and more productive in innumerable ways. To be sure, the advance of technology also creates problems, such as nuclear proliferation and damage to the environment. Such challenges demand serious attention and underscore the need for greater social responsibility, sustainable growth, and more inventiveness.

That acknowledged, only the most ardent romantics would care to swap their lives today for ones of years ago, and much of the difference stems directly and indirectly from technological invention. Science and technology has also got disadvantages along its great advantages. It also includes some disastrous disadvantages which can be a great harm for us.

It has such disadvantages which can destroy us and our habitat easily. Its disadvantages have ruined our life and we have become addicted to use it and the more we use it the more its disadvantages effects. Our life is in danger in big extent due to the disadvantages of science and technology. It also harms our life expectancy. Sometime the more use of it cause harmful diseases like Brain Tumer, Cancer, Nerves problem, etc.

As the more use of it is done in inventions and discoveries, more its disadvantages arise and harm us. It has such disadvantages which makes its advantages too small. Our life is totally in risk due to its disadvantages. And is all harm for the people. Science and technology makes people lazy because people just depend on it and not do there work well. It will increased the anxiety of our lives, when technology goes in the wrong hand it can have a negative impact in our society it can create cyber crime, hacking, stealing of personal informations and pornographic websites.

It also gives opportunities to the terrorist to make crime like bombing. As technology develops we forget our tradition styles of living. It is simply destroying our life styles. It also destroys our nature because of illegal logging, minning and so much more, this is the cause of landslide and flood that kills many people because nature cant stop it anymore.

The major disadvantage is the assumption that every scientific statement is the final answer to anything and becomes almost a religious tenet of society. Why is the Internet so addicting? People go online to get information music, news, stock prices, etc. Logging onto the Internet is like a kid going to a toy store; there is so much to do and explore that once you get in, you never want to leave.

People also go online because the Internet offers freedom to do whatever they want, to say whatever they want and to be whoever they want. The difference is due to you talking to a computer screen and you talking to a real person. Thus, the experiences we encounter on the Internet are not the same as the ones we encounter in real life. We know that the Internet has an unlimited amount of information and services; consequently, we excessively rely on it too much while ignoring social interactions in the process.

The Internet is the information superhighway; it contains more information than we ever need. When we open our web browser, you get to your home page; from there, you can go to an unlimited number of destinations. Online, you can do just about anything: People can literally spend their whole life on the Internet.

They can attend an online school and get an online job. They can pay their bills and invest their money. They can order whatever they need online and have it delivered to them; heck if they want to, they can even order a wife.

The quirk is that you can do all that at the comfort of your own home in front of the computer screen. The Internet not only has an abundant amount of information but it also provides the blazing speed for acquiring them. Ever need in On the Internet, we create our ideal self in a virtual environment; unfortunately, the ideal self we created often does not translate well into real life situations. A living, breathing human being is different from a computer screen. Just like the advent of television, the Internet has changed the way we lived.

Many have spent most of their lives with the Internet and not with other people. The Internet also conceived new ways to commit crimes and expressing hate.

Without a doubt, the internet has made life much easier. Communication and information has never been as accessible and faster as they are now with the advent of the Internet. But did it make life so easy that we rely on it to do all the work while we overlook the value we have on social interactions? The more we rely on the Internet, the more we isolate ourselves from human contact. They have two choices: Instead of completely focusing on the positive effects, individuals need to have a better understanding on the negative effects of the Internet.

In the end, i there for conclude that science and technology do not make undesirable changes to life styles but merely upgrading life and thing related to it.

Science and technology will only continue to benefits society because there will always be new problems popping up over time that will need something bigger, better or a new cure for. Inventiveness is the form of creativity leading to invention. Although in principle invention encompasses more than technological invention—for instance, the invention of political systems or organizational structures—the focus of this study is on technological invention and inventiveness.

Technological invention is to be understood as having a wide range of outputs, including machines, devices, materials, processes, algorithms, and databases. Increasing specificity and predictability are associated with routine problem solving, and increasing boundary transgression is associated with invention.

Boundary transgression refers to mental moves that cross the boundaries of past practice and convention, tying together academic disciplines in unexpected ways, redefining not only means but often the problem itself, and challenging entrenched beliefs about the limits of the possible.

Macro-inventions are inventions of sufficient import that they change the way we live and spawn many improvement inventions, micro-inventions. Many of these micro-inventions are never patented and may not become widely used, but they nonetheless are examples of the creative, inventive spirit we all possess.

Innovation- is the complex process of introducing novel ideas into use or practice and includes entrepreneurship as an integral part. Invention is usually considered noteworthy only if it leads to widespread use.

Thus, society benefits only after innovation, not from invention alone. Much has been written, and continues to be written, about the importance of innovation to society. We do not, in this study, deal in detail with innovation, but rather with its wellspring, invention.

Glucometer monitoring from the article diabetes mellitus medical disorder - All patients with diabetes mellitus, particularly those taking insulin, should measure blood glucose concentrations periodically at home, especially when they have symptoms of hypoglycemia. In general, a science involves a pursuit technology- the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to the change and manipulation of the human environment.

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100 words Essay on Science and Technology

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Science is a systematic way which involves observation and experimentation in order to get knowledge and improve skill; whereas, technology is the practical application of science .

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Science and Technology is the basis of modern civilization. The age in which we live can rightly be called the age of science and technology.

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Science and Technology is a double edge sword it cuts both ways depending on how it is used science and technology can make or destroy us. It is essential that we must know and understand its advantages and disadvantages. Free Essay: The Impact of Modern Science and Technology The quest for scientific knowledge should be boundless. There should not be any type of barriers to.

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Science and technology essay has the purpose to identify how the progress of the species in science affects the development of the humanity in general. Nowadays, science and technology is a basis of the modern civilization. We cannot imagine our usual life without some advancement, caused by Science and Technology progress.