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Read it now: 5 Surefire Resume Tips to Dazzle the Employer & Get You To The Interview

❶Copy these entirely into the same separate document.

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It is always in your best interest to focus your resume as a properly targeted resume will generate a much higher response rate. At this point, you are probably thinking what the majority of the clients we work with to provide resume writing services tell us—you are interested in different types of jobs and so it is essential you have a general resume.

Otherwise, how will you be able to apply for all the different types of positions. The solution, in most cases, is as simple as creating multiple versions of your resume, each targeting a different focus area. As an example, look at these four resumes that we created for one of our clients: Samantha had a very varied and diverse employment history when she came to us, supplemented by lots of volunteer work, international mission work, and two not-quite-finished college degrees.

She was ready to get herself on a career track, and she had come to us with this goal in mind. However, like many people she was qualified for an interested in a variety of positions. After a lot of consultation, we were able to narrow these interests down to four major categories:. When possible, we believe the best solution is usually the simplest one. As you can see from these example resumes click on them to see them as full-size PDFs , each is very targeted.

But, at the core they are essentially the same resume. We simply shifted the focus by changing the top section of the resume, then by making subtle changes in the way we categorized and displayed the body content. Michelle Dumas is a multiply-certified, national-award-winning professional resume writer and career marketing expert widely recognized as pioneering thought-leader and trend-setter in the employment services industry.

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It includes your name, but not your address particularly if you are applying out of town , your nice, polite Gmail address, and your phone number. This is followed by your last years of employment history Job title with dates in chronological order from the most recent to oldest. Designate any employment gaps of more than a year with an appropriate title and date range:. Never lie on your resume — nothing is a guaranteed barrier to employment but lying would be.

We are going to make an effort to use them with keywords tailored to each job application. Keep in mind that each of your target resumes should be tailored to a specific job or type of work. Read the job description noting the position title then copy the whole thing into a separate document.

Do a search for six other job descriptions that use the same title search the web or an online job site. Copy these entirely into the same separate document. These word clouds make the most commonly used words in the descriptions leap off the page. You will know exactly what skills, experience, and position titles are demanded by the position.

Copy a list of the TOP keywords that relate to the job you want in this situation. Take the experience, credentials, and education identified by the tag clouds and include them in your resume. Input the Job Title in your template, then in the Summary section at the top of your resume you should include keyword transferable skills that relate to this role.

Write your accomplishment statements to capture some of the keywords. This is what makes you the perfect candidate for this job! These statements should reflect skills that are your strengths and only skills that you want to use again.

Be sure to repeat each skill listed in the Summary section in the section discussing your work history so that there is emphasis on your specialty in that area. Make sure you are writing for real people in spite of the potential of ATS screening.

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Sample Help Wanted Ad with Targeted Resume The following is an example of a job posting, along with a sample resume written specifically to apply for that position. You can see how the resume writer made sure that her highlighted skills are exactly what the employer is seeking.

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The following is an example of a targeted highlights the experience and skills relevant to the job for which the person is applying. Also, review these tips for how to write a targeted resume to match your qualifications to a job.. Targeted Resume Example.

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Targeting resumes isn’t just smart, it’s critical. A targeted resume convinces the reader your work will benefit a specific employer and that you should be among the candidates invited in for a closer look. A targeted resume is a job search marketing tool that. A targeted resume (customized resumes) gets interviews and gets jobs. But how do you create a targeted resume? Targeted resumes (customized resumes) get interviews and get jobs. Would you use the same resume to apply for both a teaching position and an office job? Then, Volunteering, Military Service details, Honors, and Certifications.

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Resume Writing for Professionals. When you're looking to advance your career, you need a professional resume that highlights your accomplishments and skills in a way that clearly articulates that you can provide a potential employer with solutions! This format is geared for the individual that has worked in the same position or field and is looking for a career change. This also works for those that are looking .