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Hokie Hopefuls: Advice for Virginia Tech applicants

Admissions advice from Kevin McMullin

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Applying to Virginia Tech
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For example, include not only your service experience through clubs, such as Beta Club or National Honors Society, but also include activities like tutoring middle school students through Big Brothers Big Sisters or playing recitals for the elderly at assisted living homes.

How have these experiences changed you? What do you appreciate now? How have you grown? Service does not have to comprise of a one-time event or work with an organization. Consider how you serve your home community.

Maybe you care for a sick relative, check in on elderly neighbors, or take care of your younger siblings on a daily basis. Did you volunteer for a political campaign that you believe would positively impact your community?

Do you raise money for medical research? Again, try to answer these questions toward the end of your essay: How have they changed you? How have you grown from these service experiences? The prompt suggests you can respond by describing a perspective or experience.

Think about your life experiences and how they might be different than those of your peers. Are there challenges you regularly face that might influence your perspective on day-to-day life? If you choose to talk about perspective, you are taking a broad focus on the idea of diversity.

You also want to address how or why you will enrich the Virginia Tech community. If you are interested in the ROTC program or joining the military post-graduation, this is a great opportunity to express that interest.

Describe why a military setting would be appropriate for you. Or you might describe how you hope to find out whether a military career is right for you. You could also address this prompt even if you are not interested in joining the ROTC program. The prompt explicitly asks why the setting not the program is appealing to you. Perhaps you come from a military family.

Do you align yourself with the ideals of our military? Consider these ideas to brainstorm: Can you lead under pressure? Are you able to make difficult decisions even when they do not benefit you? Do you consider yourself a compassionate person? Is there a situation that demonstrates your loyalty? Was there an ethical dilemma that demonstrates your values? Have you had to make a major sacrifice? The last essay choice for Virginia Tech allows you to choose any topic to write about.

This is an appealing option but can also be overwhelming. You should first consider whether you are satisfied with the options already provided. Writing the Virginia Tech Essays As mentioned previously, the word limit makes for a short essay.

Here is some general advice for making the most of your word count: Provide context, but remember that your essay is addressing the prompt. Use specific detail instead of vague statements. Those details should tie in your personal stories.

Express enthusiasm at the possibility of getting admitted to Virginia Tech. Read aloud, revise, and share with a friend. Editing is your best friend. Ever since I was young, I had watched my parents drink coffee and I enviously dreamed about being old enough to enjoy a cup.

My elder cousins grew older and began drinking coffee. In the mornings, they now could stand in the kitchen and lean nonchalantly against the counters, chatting with the adults. From my seat at the kitchen table I watched jealously and glanced pitifully to my glass of cold orange juice. My brother, David, and I were always given hot chocolate as our default hot beverage, but that day in an effort to assert my age I asked for a cup of coffee.

My parents, laughing in disbelief, scanned the menu and ordered me a cup half filled with coffee, but then leveled off with the familiar hot chocolate. The steamy liquid concoction eliminated my distaste for coffee!

I could consume this new drink without trying to conceal my disgusted face from my parents. By my sophomore year I had become the champion, after weaning myself off the chocolate milk, I could digest a cup of hot black coffee with ease and grace. And I made sure my entire family was aware of my new talent by downing cups of coffee every morning. I loved the new privileges I gained as a coffee consumer in my family. I could participate in conversations about politics or family gossip during breakfast as I casually leaned against the counter and gawked at truths that were revealed.

However, the vast majority of Americans start blaming. When Columbine happened, people turned directly to Marilyn Manson and gun control laws. It is only human nature. In the desperate attempt to understand the confounding people will fall back on any sort of explanation; even if such an explanation founders under the scrutiny of intense logic and reason.

Much like the events after Columbine, the Virginia Tech massacre was barely over before the blame started. It was the gun stores that sold him the weapons, it was a lack of proper security on our college campuses, or it was violent videogames such as Counter Strike. The campus police did everything that they could.

They saw what they believed to be an isolated incident taking place in the dorm: They reacted the way they were trained to and properly. Virginia Tech is the size of the entire population of Kirksville, Missouri.

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Virginia Tech evaluates the same essays whether an applicant chooses to apply to the Engineering School or the College of Humanities and Sciences. For the admissions cycle, Virginia Tech has provided seven essay prompts, from which applicants are free to choose one, two, or three prompts to answer.

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Virgina Tech Essays. We are busy adding new essays as they are released. Virginia Tech released its essays. Students have the option to respond to eight prompts. They can answer one, two or three of the prompts, and the recommended word length is words. These essays are also used Honors College consideration. One of our .

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Virginia tech college essay in coursework of electoral college pros and cons essay uk essay writer After the law essay college tech virginia knows, you may forget this at work: Words of a research project, he will find the list explains the scientific community. Virginia Tech is committed to providing the benefits of an educational environment rich in individual backgrounds, experiences, and characteristics. What contributions might you as a student bring to help create a diverse educational community at Virginia Tech?