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Five Reasons Why Writing is Important

Why Is Writing Well Important?

❶You cannot deny that it is also very important for a person. Research is important when conducted correctly because it helps us to understand and possibly even solve existing or possible problems.

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Five Reasons Why Writing is Important

Finally, the pencil is positioned in the joint between the thumb and the pointer finger, in the only way that it will stay put in order to write. The writing is scribbled and awkward with a little bit of a shake to each line made. The lines are light in color because the pencil could not be pushed hard into the paper due to its positioning in the hand. The effort that is put into this writing means a great many things. It means that he cares about what he is writing, to whom he is writing, and that he has one skill back that he had thought he had lost forever—the ability to write.

This gentleman, a friend of mine, suffered a horrible accident and was originally paralyzed from the neck down. Over some time, he gained movement in the upper half of his body, but not to the extent that most people can operate. I will never forget the first birthday card I received from him after the accident.

It meant so much to me to see these squiggly lines scratched into the inside of this simple paper card. I had a hard time keeping from crying in front of him. The lines will never be the way that they once were, but the effort made on his behalf to gain back the skill of writing will never be forgotten. He never complained about the process of learning a new way to write; in fact, I cannot recall him ever talking about it.

This was a silent struggle from the heart of a courageous man to keep moving forward and not let despair over his circumstances stop him. My love of writing has grown over the years and has helped me through many hard times. I have expressed my feelings many times through my writing, written stories that have let my imagination run wild none of which are published, but are for my personal delight , and of course, created my own cards to send to others who need to know that they are cared for.

Before submitting your paper for review and grading by your instructor, make sure it is as polished as possible by using Grammarly. This grammar checker is freely available to all students taking Excelsior College courses. During the average week, I spend a lot of time writing. Letters, emails, memos, blogs… I write so much that it has become second nature to me to sit down in front of a blank […]. You must be logged in to post a comment. Home Areas of Study Student essay: Previous Ask the experts: Assessing the cost of security breaches.

Are we Giving Too Much Away? Formal writing encourages critical thinking in the form of essays, research papers and articles, which helps the writer learn how to interpret the world around him in a meaningful manner. Writing about a topic improves the writer's understanding of the topic, and papers with a slant help the writer understand how to successfully construct professional arguments and debates about a topic.

Learning how to structure arguments and articulate opinions in writing translates well to the spoken word, helping people to be better at presenting facts and opinions in a calm, rational way. Why Is Writing Important in Life? Quick Answer Writing is important because it improves communication skills, creative thinking and creativity.

Why Is Writing Well Important? Jamie Grill Tetra images Getty Images. Full Answer Writing is an important part of life, whether in the workplace or school, as a hobby or in personal communication.

Learn more about Writing. Examples of academic skills include time management, reading proficiency, oral communication, written communication, critical thinking, research abilities,

What Are Some Traits of a Good Scientist?

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All these activities require outstanding writing skills, which can be developed only by writing essays, and practicing. Another important aspect of writing essays – is referencing and citation. Do you know what is APA and MLA citation/referencing? If not – than you haven’t written 1 essay in your whole life.

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Using the official theme “Write My Community,” college students and alumni were invited to submit an word essay on the importance writing plays in their lives. Two students were selected as winners, Excelsior student Amanda Teschka, and alumna Daria U. Amato, MSN, RN, CNE.

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Essays are assigned by instructors as a method for measuring critical thinking skills, understanding of course material, and writing skills. Critical Thinking Writing essays involves critical thinking -- a purposeful and reflective analysis used to reach conclusions. The main purpose of this academic essay it is to prove by giving facts of why writing it’s a challenging task and also why it is important to teach writing to ESL. Teachers nowadays agreed that communication is pretty important.

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Writing requires that you learn how to do research. Learning how to locate and decipher sources that are credible and relevant is an important skill that will serve students throughout all of the academic courses. Writing essays requires you to be a more attentive reader. As you read, you look for clues to themes that support your argument and ideas. Why Writing is Important Writing for a College Student The typical college student will be required to write a variety of essays throughout his/her collegiate career. These essay assignments will cover a variety of goals and purposes.