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Essay on Brain Function

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They are also situated in proximity to sphenoid wing. Our company can write a custom essay on Brain Function for you! In the frontal lobes there are asymmetrical differences that are very important, as left part is involved in control of the language related movement and the right is important to non-verbal abilities.

But many researchers claim that this distinction is not absolute and with many people, both lobes for both functions are involved. People with damaged frontal lobe can have spontaneous facial expressions or even difficulties in speaking Brown, And as IQ tests involve convergent, rather then divergent thinking, it is possible to assume that frontal lobe damage is influencing divergent thinking, or problem solving ability. Behavioral spontaneity is said to be the other area associated with the frontal lobes.

It had been notices that people with damaged frontal lobes speak fewer words or spoke two much left and right frontal lesions Kolb and Milner, People that experiences damage of the frontal lobes can also have difficulties in interpreting and expressing feedbacks from the environment.

They may not react to questions, behave risk and not comply with set rules Miller, Left frontal lobe damage leads to pseudodepression and right- to pseudopsychopatic. Abnormal sexual behavior can be introduced after orbital frontal damage.

Or sexual interest can be reduced due to dorolateral lesions Walker and Blummer, In order to check the functioning of the frontal lobe, following tests are involved: Parietal lobes are responsible for orientation, recognition, stimuli perception and movement.

They can be divided into two functional parts, where one is involved in perception and sensation and the other is dealing with sensory input integration with visual system. The sensory information is integrated and the perception is formed, and then the spatial coordinate system is constructed to show world around.

When parietal lobes are damaged, patients experience striking deficits. This syndrome includes the confusion of right and left, difficulties in writing, as well as difficulties with math. People cannot perceive object in the normal manner and have language disorders aphasia. Other posts by Bryanna Davis. The idea of throwing different thoughts onto a paper also sounds reasonable, but for me this would make the whole process very slow.

I usually start my work with thinking about a general idea — the basic thing which I am going to support or argue. Then I build all my smaller thoughts around this basic idea. It usually helps to speed up the writing process.

Mail will not be published required. Sign in to Your Account Done. Don't have an Account? May 19th, at 7: July 30th, at 2: The occipital lobe has two areas viz. On the ventral side there is a longitudinal fissure called rhinal fissure which separates the hippocampal lobe or pyriform lobe from anterior lobe in each cerebral hemisphere. Insula or Island of Reil is a small lobe of cerebrum, covered over by parietal frontal, and temporal lobes. It co-ordinates the action of different regions of cerebral hemispheres.

The outer layer of cerebral hemispheres is called cerebral cortex or neopallium. It is formed of grey matter and contains millions of neurons.

Grey matter also forms islands on the white matter. These are called cerebral nuclei. The cerebral cortex is highly convulated in order to increase its surface area. The ridges of these convultions are called gyri and depressions between them as sulci. The cavities within the cerebral hemispheres are called lateral ventricles First and second ventricles which open to third ventricle cavity of diencephalon by a foramen of Monro Fig.

The centres of reception of these are located in the sensory areas called soma esthetic area present in the parietal lobe. It is the last part of the forebrain and is almost covered dorsally by cerebral hemispheres.

On its dorsal surface it bears a pineal stalk with a rounded pineal body at its top. The dorsal vascular wall forms anterior choroid plexus. Its cavity is called diocoel or third ventricle. On the ventral side hypothalamus forms the floor of the diocoel. It consists of number of scattered masses of the grey matter in the white matter. The pituitary hangs below the hypothalamus by a stalk called infundibulum. Below pituitary is mammillary body.

Two optic nerves cross each other to form optic chiasma in front of the pituitary Fig. Diencephalon regulates manifestations of emotions and recognizes sensations like heat, cold and pain.

Hypothalamus contains nerve centres for temperature regulations, hunger, thirst and emotions. It also produces various neurohormones that control the secretions of anterior pituitary. Hormones of posterior pituitary are produced in hypothalamus and later transported to pituitary.

Hypothalamus contains higher centres of autonomic nervous system and controls carbohydrate, fat metabolism, blood pressure and water balance. The Pineal body or epiphysis is an endocrine gland producing the hormone melatonin which controls pigmentation in certain animals.

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The Brain and Meningitis - Meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes (meninges’) surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Meningitis has several causes including bacteria, chemical irritation, drug allergies and most commonly viruses.

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The brain forms part of the central nervous system together with the spinal cord. The body's nervous system is the center for communication and decision making. The nervous system is composed of the central and the peripheral nervous system, and the peripheral nervous system is made up of nerves in turn.

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The Human Brain Essay Words | 5 Pages. The human brain is a big, intricate—yet delicate, structure in the human body. It is the key structure in cognitive function. Any damage to the brain does not only “erase” memories but also may “deceive” the brain to erroneously remember a new object as being familiar (). The human being is considered to be the ultimate form of life on the. This is not because the human body is strong and agile. Many other. animals posses skills much superior to humans and are able to perform feats. humans can only dream of. The one thing that distinguishes humans from all. of the 3/5(9).

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The Human Brain Essay - The human brain is a big, intricate—yet delicate, structure in the human body. It is the key structure in cognitive function. Any damage to the brain does not only “erase” memories but also may “deceive” the brain to erroneously remember a new object as being familiar (). The cerebral hemispheres or cerebrum is the largest part of the brain occupying about two-third of the entire brain. It is divided into right and left cerebral hemispheres by a deep longitudinal median groove (Fig. and Fig. ).