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4 points to discuss in an abortion argumentative essay

Reflecting on the rights of all abortion parties

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Abortion Essay Topics
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There are a million abortion survivors out there who give God thanks everyday that their parents werent successful in killing them, even though some of them due to the procedure are scarred physically, mentally and even spiritually. But God heals all! You say that rape is no excuse for abortion as the baby still has the same rights to life, but every time a mother looks into her child's eyes, she should feel nothing but love.

If she were to look into the eyes of a child and see the man who raped her, do you think she would be able to love and treat that child the way it deserves to be treated? Would she love the baby the same as if it were with someone she loved, or even just had consensual sex with? I was raped at 14, and I didn't tell anyone for a long time because I was so messed up by what had happened.

If, at 14 years old, I had fallen pregnant by that person, should I have kept a child I could never have loved? You're ignorance is amazing.

I'm against abortion when stupid people use it as contraception, but to say a rape victim should have to go through a pregnancy and birth when they are mentally unstable because of what happened to them is ridiculous.

I have been extremely hypocritical by saying that abortion in the case of rape is wrong, but it is ok if the pregnancy would affect her mental health. Then you have clearly never carried a child, you don't know the physical, and mental strain it can have on even the strongest of people. Even if they do not keep the child, it's still going to have an enormous affect on the girl carrying it.

And for your conclusion - Maybe say about some of the people that would have been aborted had society pressed the mothers into it - Jesus would have been as Mary was unmarried, Obama came from a family with bad relations of different races, Beethoven's parents were told he would have bad health.

If you're mature enough to have sex then you need to stand up and take responsibility for what comes from that decision. No child asked to be conceived, but when given the opportunity of life, the child should be given the best possible chance. In MOST circumstances ;. This is elaborate due to the fact that opinions vary. Only about 1 out of 10, abortions take place after 24 weeks. Most women who have abortions are under 25 years old and unmarried. Divorced women and women with financial difficulties are more likely to choose abortion than any other women.

Nearly one-third are in school. After abortion most women will feel a brief sadness or other negative feeling but recover very quickly. God alone is the Lord of life from its beginning until its end, no one can under any circumstance claim for himself the right directly to destroy an innocent human being. Pro-life groups say that abortion is deliberate murder, even though the foetus is unborn.

They believe that as the foetus is living, it has rights and therefore abortion qualifies as a killing. They say that if the woman did not want to have a child, she should not have had unprotected sex and so it is her own fault and she must bear the brunt of it. If your mother had decided to abort, you would not be here now. But pro-choice groups say that just because the woman got pregnant by mistake or without realising the consequences does not mean that she should give birth to a child that she is unready or unwilling for.

In the year , 1. Many people also say that since the foetus is incapable of self-conscious thought it is not yet a person, and so the rights given to people do not apply to it. Another pro-choice argument is that legalizing abortions has eliminated many illegal abortions performed by unskilled practitioners under unsanitary conditions. Abortion on demand also prevents unwanted births, possibly lowering infant and child abuse and neglect rates. Discursive essay on abortion.

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Discursive Essay on Abortion Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy. If a woman falls pregnant and she does not wish to go through with the pregnancy then she may choose to have an abortion. Abortion is a controversial issue, some people say it is ok to abort a baby but others are strongly against it.

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Discursive Essay on Abortion It's obvious that a foetus has few if any of these. Steve: Your criteria means children under two years old, comatose patients, severely retarded individuals, and even those who are temporarily unconscious do not qualify as persons.

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Abortion discursive essay - Compose a quick custom essay with our help and make your tutors startled Get to know key tips how to get a plagiarism free themed research paper from a trusted writing service Proofreading and proofediting help from top writers. Discursive Essay On Abortion. Discursive essay- Abortion is murder Thirty years ago, the United States Supreme Court made up a constitutional right to abortion. Since then there have been 44 million abortions. There have been million births.

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Discursive essay- Abortion is murder Thirty years ago, the United States Supreme Court made up a constitutional right to abortion. Since then there have been 44 . A Discursive Essay on Abortion Many believe that if a mother is ill, has been raped or knows that the baby will have no quality of life they should be able to have an abortion. Some women who are disgraced in their family's views argue that their prime concern for requesting a .