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Cause and Effects of Stress in Children

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❶Immediately after the attacks, Americans across the nation began to suffer from symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is necessary that the manager understand the cultural, social, international, political and physical environmental concerns of a project as "virtually all projects are planned and implemented

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Effect of Stress on Students Essay Sample

This is primarily because workers tend to listen to music to accomplish certain purposes while doing their work. Working Night Shift and Getting Cancer The increasing rate of women acquiring breast cancer disease has been an alarming issue in the medical history of cancer prevention and studies. The many research and studies conducted by medical professionals on breast cancer disease have found a number of cancer-causing habits and lifestyles.

Among those that have been examined and found as risk factors of breast cancer on women is night-shift work. Regularly working in night shift as a health-hazardous cause of breast cancer has been investigated by several studies of different cancer research institutions.

Almost all studies were carried out based from employment histories of women diagnosed of breast cancer. The most significant risk factor to this is the exposure to bright…… [Read More]. Effects of Deployments on Children. Military Children and the Effects of Long Deployments on Them Over the last several years, the children of parents who are serving in the military are facing increasing amounts of scrutiny.

This is because one or both of their parents are being sent on long deployments to Afghanistan. These shifts are directly resulting in them and their caregivers having to make dramatic adjustments. Wells, According to a study conducted by the U. Department of Defense DOD , they found that their ability to adjust will involve the family situation, age and their environment. These factors are leading to some adapting more effectively than others. Evidence of this can be seen with observations from the report which says, "Children's reactions to deployment-related parental absence vary by age, developmental stage, and other individual and family factors.

While young children are likely to exhibit externalizing behavior such as anger and attention difficulties, school-age…… [Read More]. Infants Who Witness Violence: Effects and Treatments esearch clearly shows that the effects of domestic violence on children, result from children and infants that have been observing witnessing domestic violence in a home where one or both of their parents are abusing each other, plays a key part on the safety and developmental growth of infants and children that are observing this violence.

However, in in the Philippines, it was projected that as many as 8 to 20 million children were exposed to domestic violence JL, with about 4. Student Stress he education to employment paradigm in Canada and around the world is stressful enough. However, stress really needs to be addressed and dealt with before that transition even takes place or even starts. Indeed, if students are unable to manage the stress of school, they will be ill-prepared for the work environment when they reach it.

Even when comparing two different countries like the United States and Canada, the statement remains true although the manifestations and patterns will be different in those two countries or any other set of countries being compared. Given that, preparing students in advance of that transition to manage stress is the wise course of action. Effects of Music on Memory. Music on Emotions and Behavior Music and education Psychological implications The effect of music on word recall Several studies have been dedicated to the study of the effect of music on the memory.

Most of the studies have been dedicated to the analysis of the way the human mind processes information. The brain has been indicated to be made up of a very complex system of neurons that is actively involved with the transfer of information from one part to the other. A study of the neural networks. The study of the effects of music on the human memory is still ongoing Kirkweg Several factors have been found to affect the memory of a person.

The most common ones being music, attention, emotion, stress as well as aging. The mechanism involved The human memory has been pointed out to be a mental system that is involved with the reception,…… [Read More]. Stress Caused by September 11th on the Children of America. The said incident was a terrorist attack by Osama bin Laden and his terrorist group Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, and the said terrorist attack resulted to thousands of deaths, which are mostly composed of people inside the building and within its perimeters.

In addition to the numerous deaths and physical injuries that the attack had caused, great damage also resulted with the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers. Indeed, the terrorist attack in America had resulted to considerable material and human damage, and these dangerous results as caused by the attack had prompted that U.

Therapeutic Massage on Elderly, Grieving Widows The prosperity of a country is in accordance with its treatment of the aged," states an ancient Jewish Proverb "Massage for the Mature Adult," This is an honorable and true statement. Too often many of our elderly people's needs are not noticed or attended to by family, friends, or medical practitioners. This is especially true for older women whose husbands have died.

The death of a spouse or partner has been described as the most disruptive and difficult role transition that an individual confronts throughout the life course Lopata, Houdin states that "although the literature abounds with subjective pieces concerning bereavement, little…… [Read More]. Effects of Domestic Violence on Children. Domestic Violence on Children Many people throughout the world have traditionally believed that women's natural roles were as mothers and wives and considered women to be better suited for childbearing and homemaking than for involvement in the public life of business or politics.

This popular belief that women were somehow intellectually inferior to men, based in large part on religious authority, has led many societies throughout the world to limit women's education to learning domestic skills and relegating them to a second-class citizen status. By and large, the world has been run by well-educated, upper-class men who controlled most positions of employment and power in these societies and to a large extent continue to do so today. While the status of women today varies dramatically in different countries and, in some cases, among groups within the same country, such as ethnic groups or economic classes, women continue to experience the…… [Read More].

Psychoactive Drugs The drug chosen is Cocaine, and it is listed to be "… a psychomotor stimulant, this class of drug produces their effect on the brain by simulating the actions of certain neurotransmitters, such as epinephrine, norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin. A drug-induced plasticity is "tolerance, sensitization and physical dependence" on the drug cocaine Amaro et al. The part of the brain that cocaine targets is the amygdala, specifically the reward pathways found in the brain.

Specifically cocaine reacts with dopamine, and would be considered an antagonist because it is similar enough to occupy…… [Read More]. Effects of Terrorism on the American Psyche. Terrorism and the American Psyche The attacks of September 11, not only affected those who were killed and injured, but also millions of ordinary Americans. The impact of this act of terrorism, along with a constant stream of attacks and threats of attacks have substantially altered the American psyche.

Immediately after the attacks, Americans across the nation began to suffer from symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In addition to this, Americans have suffered through a number of psychological effects of terrorism including fear, anger, and vulnerability. All in all, the effect of terrorism on American society has been one of altering the way Americans feel about their safety and their place in the world. In a sense, Americans no longer viewed their world as predictable, orderly, and controllable.

PTSD on the U. Military In order to fully understand the issues with PTSD and the military, one must consider the idea that military service can have a serious impact on soldiers, even when they do not see combat.

In the past, the argument has been that PTSD was a combat-related illness, and that only soldiers who were actively engaged in combat in the recent past struggled with the issues related to PTSD. Now, many studies have shown that most soldiers live with the thought of never knowing when their turn to die is next, and that constant agitation and anxiety can cause these soldiers to experience PTSD Delahanty, ; Ehlers, et al.

This is even more pronounced for soldiers who have been on multiple deployments and, by extension, have been in harm's way and under stress more often…… [Read More].

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Retrieved from Mayo Clinic: How Does Exercise Reduce Stress? Retrieved from The Huffington Post: Management and Supervision in Law Enforcement. Retrieved from Australian Psychological Society: Retrieved from The Federal Bureau of Investigation: Workplace Stress View Full Essay.

Bibliography Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Mental health woes remain one ofthe top reasons for doctor visits. Stress in America Works Cited Absi, Mustafa Al. Biological and Psychological Mechanisms. Bolger, Niall, and John Eckenrode. Smith, and Kathleen C. Carnegie Mellon University, n.

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The daily grind of police work exposes officers to constant stressors that slowly accumulate making them more vulnerable to traumatic incidents and normal pressures of life. Often this process is too slow to see and neither the individual nor his or her constituents are aware of the damage being done.

While programs for acute stressors are important, few officers are involved in traumatic incidents in a year as compared to the whole department, which meets stress in call after call.

One of these routine stressor are traffic stops. A police officer may pull over many cars during the course of a week for a variety of reasons. The officer is apt to hear excuses to gain sympathy or indignities to demean them, and there is always the risk that the individual or individuals in the vehicle will try to kill or injure the officer. However, officers are expected to be friendly at best or neutral at worst. If an officer approaches a car with a friendly attitude, his guard is down, on the other hand if an officer approaches a driver thinking this might be the one who attacks him, he will come across as rude, gruff and uncaring.

This dilemma creates opposite mental states; a person can't hold both attitudes at the same time. This produces chronic stress with the cumulative effect of breaking down defenses, exacerbating other pressures, and weakening the immune system leaving the individual vulnerable to diseases and such conditions as ulcers "Common Stress," Another common source of stress for a police officer is the fact that a police department is both a professional and a military organization.

It is a professional organization in the. Principles and practice of stress management. Stress and police personnel. Stress and the Breakup of View Full Essay. Journal of the American Board of Family Practice, 14 3 , What is the current divorce rate in America. Retrieved July 21, ,. Discover the Basics of Stress.

Ten ways to tackle stress. Retrieved June 9, from http: Top 7 Tips to cure stress and anxiety revealed. Performance, cognition, and physiological responding in test anxiety.

Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 4, Effects of anxiety on timed and untimed intelligence tests: Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 33, Stress, anxiety, and cognitive interference: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 4, The Minimum Requirements of Life and Health. Effects of Stress on the Developing Brain. Corrections Today, 63, Black's work demonstrates a great introduction to stress in general, as it applies to the individual and community as well as specific information about stress in the field of corrections.

This article is an excellent introduction to the material of this research as well as to a better understanding of how stress is playing out all over the field of corrections. The Immune System vs. Devito offers a great description of the history of stress, its definitions and the fundamental and seminal research and ideology that applies to stress.

Song, C, Kenis, G. Influence of psychological stress on immune-inflammatory variables in normal humans. Altered serum concentrations of natural anti-inflammatory agents and soluble membrane antigens of monocytes and T.

Music 'enhances ecstasy effects. Van de Kar, L. Forebrain pathways mediating stress-induced hormone secretion. Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine. Stress, strain, and their moderators: An empirical comparison of entrepreneurs and managers. The Journal of Small Business Management, 34, Theories of organizational stress.

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Yale University School of Management. The National Study of the Changing Workforce. Families and Work Institute, To Think or to Do?

September reprint of Best Practices piece Retrieved from http: What should we be doing? Works Cited Carey, Allen D. Ways to Deal with Stress. Wall Street Journal Online. American Institute of Stress. Retrieved April 5, from http: Changes in grey matter induced by training. Effect of mindfulness-based stress reduction on rheumatoid arthritis patients. Now, the title belongs to an even younger demographic: Even before the pressures of work and adulthood set in, for most young Americans, stress has already become a fact of daily life.

And this sets the stage early for unhealthy behaviors and lifestyle choices that may increase the risk of developing stress-related health problems down the road. Stress on high schoolers seems to have a large effect on their overall mental health and emotional stability. This stress can lead to emotional instability, depression, and forms of self harm as a coping mechanism.

One recent study from the Stanford School of Medicine indicates that the number of children, ages , treated for depression more than doubled between and Another study suggests that these stress levels lead to multiple forms of self inflicted harm as a way to cope. Non-Suicidal Self-Injury is the deliberate, direct destruction of body tissue without conscious suicidal intent.

A new study suggests this is a relatively common occurrence for adolescents in high school. American teenagers are now the most stressed-out age group in the U. While adults rate their stress at a 5. More than , students were shown to have all time lows in over all mental health and emotional stability. Personally, I really struggle with stress caused by academics.

It gets to a point every year where I will literally cry myself to sleep every night due to the stress school causes. This stress roots from the pressure to do well on tests, and the fact that I can never get my work done, because there is just too much. It has gotten to the point in my life where I no longer care about my grades or education. So this is why I personally feel I do badly in school, because the school system has put so much pressure on me and pushed so hard for me to do well.

Despite all of this information, stress levels in high school students continue to increase. The amount of stress put on an adolescent causes an abundant amount of possible physical and mental problems to arise. This stress can be caused by anything, but is primarily caused from unrealistic academic expectations, resulting in the next generation of American leaders to be emotionally unstable with declining physical health.

The effect of stress on high school students is obviously very prevalent and will increase with each new generation. If the effects are this perilous and unhealthy now, imagine 20 or 30 years in the future. What is in store for the next generation of American teenagers, and what will this entire generation of upcoming possible mentally unstable young adults even amount to?

Jessa Pauline Janer Dineros is an 18 years and 3 months old female currently on her 3rd year college taking up Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila.

She was born on April 14, and is currently residing with her family at Sta. Most people assume that stress only affects adults. However, statistics indicate that stress also affects children.

Children face intense pressure from their environment. Continuous stress in children is harmful to their activities, health, and development. There are a number of causes and effects of toxic stress in children. Stress can be caused by both negative and positive situations.

Children living in abusive environments, both physical and emotional, experience stress. Arnold wrote that children who are bullied are in continuous state of depression. They, therefore, alienate themselves from their colleagues. Parents who constantly beat their children are also causes of stress.

The fear that is manifested in children disorients them. They will not be able to talk about what they feel to anybody but rather keep to themselves. Events such as accidents, loss of loved ones, and rejection are also causes of stress in children. Social change patterns in children cause many stressful situations. Children at puberty yearn for freedom. This creates tension between them and the parents, who are constantly monitoring and regulating their activities.

In the same stage, children will constantly be in need of money. Lack of money causes stress in children as they are not always able to buy whatever they may need.

They will compare themselves with other children who are in comfortable financial positions.

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Essay: Effects of Stress Stress is the body’s natural response to the changes and hostilities which occur in life. Immediate and temporary responses to stress are the short term effects, while persistent stress resulting from recurring and sustained factors in life produces long term effects.

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Essay on Stress: It’s Meaning, Effects and Coping with Stress! Meaning: Stress is a very common problem being faced today. Every individual will experience stress in one or the other time.

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- The Long Term Effects of Stress The long term effects of stress on the human body are generally negative. Stress can be a positive, as it enables us to respond to danger quickly, but continued stress places stress on the body causing diseases such as cardio-vascular problems, ulcers, problems with digestion and illness. The Negative Effects of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Essay Words | 4 Pages. Posttraumatic stress disorder is one of the most common and most life altering stress disorders in the world (Seedat, ). After going through traumatic events, many children, teenagers and elderly people show symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder.

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In conclusion, stress in children has many causes and effects. The notion that stress only affects adults is wrong. Too much stress, often referred to as toxic stress, is detrimental to the life of a child. Toxic stress affects the physical, emotional, psychological, and social aspects of a child. Apr 03,  · Effects of stress on Kidneys and esistance phase of GAS Biology Stress is an emotional or physical strain normally caused as a result to the tension or pressure from the outside world. Some of the most prominent reactions to stress include tension, .