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Religious Extremism Essay Sample

Religious Extremism Essay Sample

❶His charismatic call to arms swelled the ranks of crusaders with all classes, nobility and commoner alike.


What happened?
Roger Trigg: On Religious Freedom and Religious Extremism
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Different groups then are left to live in different compartments, each with their own standards. There is, however, no need for reason to be so denigrated. Christians and others have seen reason as the gift of God, and itself built into the very nature of God.

Indeed any attack on rationality inevitably becomes an attack on truth, and if religion cannot claim truth, it is worthless. Reason should be seen as the ally of all genuine religion, and also the indispensable accompaniment of freedom. Without reason, freedom degenerates into a series of arbitrary and inconsistent choices. What has this to do with religious extremism?

When people retreat into their self-contained forms of life, and become impervious to outside criticism, there is no way of separating out good from bad religion, the pernicious from the beneficent. This is not just a theoretical matter. Governments have spent large sums of money on translating documents into other languages rather than ensuring that immigrants could speak English.

This is but one symptom of ways in which communities can live in geographically the same space and yet remain totally separate from each other. There is evidence that this is precisely what has happened with a minority of Muslim youths in some English cities.

A few have been sucked into terrorist-related activities. The paradox is that multi-cultural policies can be pursued because of a belief in the freedom of communities to follow their own ways of life. Yet all freedom must go hand in hand with a rationality that holds that we are all beholden to the same standards of truth. We all live in the same world and confront the same reality.

That is what makes communication between different groups and societies possible. That is what underlies the possibility of all translation.

Yet that means that true freedom demands that we all share the same rationality, and that extreme perversions of religion should not be allowed to go unchallenged because of some misplaced belief in tolerance. They are blind to the modern trends of knowledge in all fields of life. This thing generates a clash between ignorance and knowledge.

The religious scholars, ulemas, and thinkers stick to their point of view. They try to force their views on the others by force. This produces an atmosphere of fear, suspicion and mistrust. Religious extremism takes place in those minds which are simple and credulous. They take every belief for granted and do not analyse it. Religious extremism has generated many evils. It has produced tyranny and violence in many countries of the world.

It has urged the religious extremists to resort to using force against those who do not agree with their views. These two religious groups killed many people of the rival group. They killed innocent people which included thinkers, scholars, doctors, teachers and other civilized members of society. Such a type of religious extremism is very harmful to society and it can break up the integrity and unity of the country.

The unity of the country is at stake due to the presence of this form of religious extremism. It builds an atmosphere of distrust and fear. Religious extremism leads to the formation of religious groups and organizations. Foreign Governments give funds to these groups to impose terrorist in developing countries for their own purposes. These groups organize themselves into armed groups and use force to intimidate and horrify the rival groups. In Pakistan such groups exist and, they kill one another mercilessly.

The use of force leads to enmity and bitter hostility. An atmosphere of strife, tension and horror halts the economic progress of the country. The foreign investors stop investing their money in big projects. Your email address will not be published.

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Religious Extremism essaysWith violence embracing many religions and cultures throughout the Nation and World a widespread phenomenon is created, which afflicts all religions within our society. Extremism, religious fundamentalism, breeds terrorism, and constitutes an open door for all forms of extr.

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Here is an essay on Religious Extremism for the students of 10th Class, 12th Class and Graduation. Religious Extremism will discuss that there is no connection between Islam and Religious Extremism or Terrorism. It will also discuss real Causes, Effects and solutions of Religious Extremism.

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Religious Extremism Essay Sample. Love and compassion are central themes to most of the world’s religions. While subscribing to this philosophy, they also share another more sinister philosophy – that of extremism. Feb 07,  · Secondly, religious extremism grows or develops in an atmosphere of hatred, distrust and enmity. One religious class or sect hates another simply because there is a difference of beliefs or ideas between them.

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Religious Extremism Essay Religious extremism is a radicalized and intolerant viewpoint that typically sanctions the use of violence to promote a defined, religiously motivated political agenda. Religious extremist . Extremism - The Bane of Any Society. Saved essays Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly! Topics in this paper. Pakistan; Far left Ethno-national extremism, religious extremism, political extremism, environmental extremism, vigilantism etc are some examples.