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10 Contemporary South Asian Writers You Should Know

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❶A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth Vikram Seth was among the first writers who taught me that simple writing is the best writing. In Prague, Tee works through his issues in the shadow of a looming, massive flood.

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Although this is a difficult piece to read, since it elaborates the contemplation of suicide, it is still one of the most valuable analyses of the matter. Edward Hoagland is a genius writer whose style will touch you with its cruel honesty. Besides being one of the greatest film critics in America, Phillip Lopate is also an outstanding essay writer, who entertains the reader while provoking them to think about the matter in question.

Personal essays lack the tight construction of other types of academic writing, which is why it is difficult to classify them. This Pulitzer-winning author will change the way you perceive essay writing. Teaching a Stone to Talk is a great collection of essays where Annie Dillard explores the essence of human meanings and natural facts.

The writings of Joan Didion explore the cultural chaos and disintegration of the moral principles of humanity.

The White Album is a classic in the genre. The piece examines the trends, figures and events of the s with unhidden judgment about the mass culture of the era. Narrative nonfiction is not an easy style to master, but John Angus McPhee discovered the right techniques for creating factually accurate pieces that abound with creativity.

McPhee won the Pulitzer Prize four times; and that fact should motivate you to start reading his pieces. One of his most popular publications, The Search for Marvin Gardens , explores the historic significance of Atlantic City through a rather unusual factor — the Monopoly game.

When the math involved wasn't too taxing, Prabin asked her to handle change as the customers smiled indulgently and said a word of praise or two. He was too busy to read a Hans Christian Andersen book to her today, so she took over and read the book out loud, occasionally stumbling and pausing, again ingratiating herself with the customers with a showmanship that improved with each passing day.

I've often wondered about this story's potential to swell into a novel. That would give me the room to devote pages and pages to the father's bookstore modeled after Rachna Books, my town's favorite independent bookstore , his favorite books he'd love RK Narayan and Mulk Raj Anand , how the books were arranged on the shelves the Indian titles would be arranged alphabetically; the Booker Prize winners by the year of win and arguments between father and daughter about tomes and writers both would only agree on VS Naipaul being over-rated; I, too, agree with them.

The father's list would probably reflect my list below:. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. This after-school ritual the duo partake in at the bookstore is one of my favorite parts of the book: The father's list would probably reflect my list below: I tried romanticizing it then, and I romanticize it today when people ask me about it.

It's a beautiful place, but I was constantly bored there. Narayan's Malgudi Days, based in the imaginary South Indian town of Malgudi, taught me to find stories in the quotidian and to find beauty in the mundane. To this day, I find my best stories in Gangtok and base big chunks of my books there.

And no, I don't glamorize my hometown in my books. It's okay writing about it the way it is, just the way Malgudi was perfect the way it was. But for me, the best reason to pick up this book is the gorgeous writing, full of beautiful and terrifying imagery.

In this passage, villagers in China decide to punish a woman who became pregnant while her husband was away in America:. On the night the baby was to be born the villagers raided our house. Like a great saw, teeth strung with lights, files of people walked zigzag across our land, tearing the rice. Their lanterns doubled in the disturbed black water, which drained away through the broken bunds. As the villagers closed in, we could see that some of them, probably men and women we knew well, wore white masks.

The people with long hair hung it over their faces. Women with short hair made it stand up on end. Some had tied white bands around their foreheads, arms, and legs. A Single Shard follows Tree-ear, a Korean orphan who lives in poverty under a bridge.

After spying on a master potter in a nearby village, Tree-ear accidentally breaks a pot and must serve as an apprentice to pay back the debt.

It follows Henry Park, a corporate spy who infiltrates the campaign of a rising Korean-American politician. As a Korean-American immigrant, Park must come to terms with a complicated series of allegiances—to America, to other immigrants, and to his own family.

Yoon has a gift for describing explosions and ugly things, such as corpses in trees, in a beautiful way. The stories themselves take place in different time periods, notably during WWII. I heard Matt read from his book Our Island of Epidemics at a crowded, noisy dive bar several years ago. In Prague, Tee works through his issues in the shadow of a looming, massive flood.

Her poems are both familiar and comfortable, but they also somehow manage to feel new and unexpected. In his most memorable poetry, the fragments are the perfect representation of trauma, and in some poems, the arc towards reflection suggests hope and reconciliation.


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The Nita B Kibble Literary Awards for Women Writers recognise women writers who have published fiction or non-fiction classified as 'life writing' | help writing a paper outline Perpetual.

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This collection of essays, which balance personal anecdotes with reflections on culture (pop and otherwise), was released in 10 Essential Contemporary Books By Asian-American Writers is cataloged in Asian Americans, Asian immigrants, 10 Essential Contemporary Books By Asian-American Writers Crazy Rich Asians Last year, I proposed.

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Lysley Tenorio is a short story writer and the author of the collection Monstress. Tenorio was the recipient of a Whiting Writers' Award in Tenorio was the recipient of a Whiting Writers' Award in Asian authors have had a spectacular year – we check out ten award-winning books produced by writers of Asian origin.

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