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A Guide to Writing a Film Studies Paper

Film studies essay as the college thesis

❶Moeove, this aspect of the text investigates the 'language' of film in a way that causes us to appeciate the fom's singulaity.

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Students should develop a working bibliography — books, periodicals, magazines, newspapers, web sites etc. Learn how to use a complex research library. There are many resources available to help you find articles and books on films and filmmakers. You should start by visiting the Carleton University Library Web sites devoted to Film-related resources: Developing a preliminary structure for the essay before you have finished collecting information is most helpful.

The working outline is a tentative list of main factors around which you anticipate the final answer will be structured. Unlike the Plan stage 7 , the working outline puts less emphasis on a linear structure than on a fluid arrangement of ideas emerging from the research question.

Points included in the working outline constitute parameters within which the thesis will be articulated. During later stages of research, these points will be tested, and their importance and relevance determined. A good working outline provides an analytical framework for the next stage — the collecting of information.

It helps to ensure a disciplined and ordered piece of work. The preparatory reading associated with the development of this working outline provides a solid background reservoir of knowledge on the topic as well. Only now are you ready to start the research proper — the gathering and weighing of evidence to develop an answer to the research question.

Systematic information-gathering and recording are essential if you are to make the best use of your research time and apply your discoveries to construct a coherent and convincing essay.

The working outline provides the structure not only for collecting information but also for classifying and evaluating it. If a piece of information does not fit into this framework, you have two choices — either discard it as irrelevant, or create another section in the working outline to incorporate the information.

A comprehensive and organized system of research notes is essential for a successful essay. A good piece of work should have a clear linear structure that should be worked out at this stage. The plan might include five main sections: Corporate Level Strategy Corporate level strategy is the decisions made at the corporate level that can affect the operations of the entire company.

Typically, decisions related to the selection of new businesses, mergers, business environment and competition are corporate level strategies. These strategies will have a reach across the entire company.

The aim is to improve the overall profitability of the company and tap any possible future niche besides tackling competition. Creating a competitive advantage is also a part of corporate level strategy. Its working and implementation has been explained by Watson and Wooldridge ; p. It might thus appear that, although these business unit managers may be formulators of business strategy, they are implementers of corporate strategy.

Breakfast Club The film the Breakfast Club that was a hit nearly 30 years ago, has provided a useful source of information for the study of media, movie and sociology. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the diversity issues related to present day society that are found within this film. The essay will then discuss the potential impact that these issues may have on society. Diversity Issues There is no doubt, that society has changed tremendously in the years since the production and screening of the film The Breakfast Club.

The theme of this movie revolves around 5 teenage high school students who have found themselves the target of a mean educator who had decided to punish them with an 8-hour detention session taking place on a Saturday.

The 5 students, all white, find themselves throughout the film realizing their connection with one another and that the supposed…… [Read More]. Imax Case Study Imax's General. This de-institutionalization of the company will help bring the IMAX experience to new movie goers. To further broaden their appeal, IMAX has diversified their movies as well. IMAX's second part of their business strategy centers on bringing more Hollywood movies to their large format screens.

Whether it be remastering previously released films or simultaneously new films, IMAX has worked hard to expand their audience from those who typically enjoyed the unique IMAX documentary films that started the company. These 3-D films are also a part of the company's current business strategy. Technological development to improve movie goers' experience as well as differentiate their product from other traditional theaters is a primary focus of IMAX's business strategy. The company has committed both financial…… [Read More].

Cinema Studies Book Reviews Monaco. Moeove, this aspect of the text investigates the 'language' of film in a way that causes us to appeciate the fom's singulaity. Such is to say that in this investigation of the sueal and cultually distubing elements which have invaded film in spiitually sick societies, we ae given a pofound undestanding of exactly why one might choose film as a way to fomulate a language that is othewise absent of platfom and inexpessible.

By contast, such essays ae steeped in lengthy and pedantic examinations such as that povided by Ande Bazin and entitled "The Ontology of Photogaphic Image.

Angles, objects and the aangement of inteactants all ae efeenced, accodingly to Bazin, as cucial phases in the message communicated. This is a useful…… [Read More]. Wrong in Catwoman The Movie. Hally Berry gave her performance closely an unbearable as the one she gave accepting her Oscar award, assumes the role of Patience Philips, a graphic artist for a cosmetics company managed by George Hedare and his wife who is a model Laurel played by Sharon Stone. Instilled with the mystical cat Mojo, Patience does not just takes the features of a cat- consuming cans of tuna fish, climbing up the furniture, hissing at dogs but also gains new strength, confidence and also love, in the form of Tom Lone played by Benjamin Bratt.

Nearly as perplexing as the motives of Pitof what really…… [Read More]. Progression of Film Cinema. Today, more than forty years later, the special effects for a film are still in an evolutionary stage, and the Star ars one was the first films to use the 3 dimensional Computer Generated Images technique in a feature film.

Today, visual and special effects are even more popular than they were a few years back, and when Luxo, which was the first computer generated film to be nominated for an Oscar, was created, with the subject of the film being a desk lamp, which would talk and walk, it was indeed a landmark for the film world in the development of technique.

The 'Toy Story' was produced in , and this film used both computer generated images as well as hand drwan ones throughout the movie. In 'Lord of the Rings', the character of Gollum was a computer generated one, and when this image was used in conjunction with…… [Read More]. Chinese Film Analysis the Process. As a child, she immigrated to Hong Kong. Where, she learned English, as a second language and went through some of the common struggles of immigrants. Where, a variety of different new genres would emerge.

This is because audiences felt, that many marital arts films lacked substance. At which point, a shift would occur in the motion picture industry, as a variety of new genres would quickly emerge. The oat People would underscore this shift, by telling a unique story of Vietnamese peasants trying to escape the brutality of the communists three years after the collapse of South Vietnam.

Where, they are…… [Read More]. Examining a Contemporary Feature Film. An Auteur French New Wave cinema is a cinematic movement of the s and s established by French filmmakers and film critics who founded the Cahiers du Cinema that felt cinema had become too commercialized, formulaic, and unoriginal.

This critical contention eventually led to the development of the auteur theory. Throughout various essays and critiques, Cahiers du Cinema critics sought to revolutionize cinema and analyze the function of writer in relationship to director.

Cahiers du Cinema critics further argued that directors should be the driving vehicle behind a film and not writers.

The criterion for an auteur, as defined by film critics in France and the United States, is still evident to this day. Through his unique writing and directing style, and through the use of mise-en-scene in his most recent film Inglourious asterds,[footnoteRef: Role in the World of Film There. The cameraman plays an important role in the process through the way various scenes are shot. This helps to make a movie more dramatic and it underscores the main ideas of the director. To fully understand the way that this occurs requires focusing on these methods and how they are utilized in experimental films.

Together, these elements will illustrate their role and the way they add to quality of the production. Hatfield My ole: Cameraman talk about the techniques used such as: The cameraman plays an important part in helping to tell the story based upon the types of shots. This allows the audience to more effectively connect with…… [Read More]. Chinese Film the Film. In a mirror of the earlier scene where the police officer kicked the dead triad, the elevator doors attempt to close on his body, symbolizing the complete destruction of Chan's identity and humanity, as nothing is left but a piece of meat slumped on the floor.

This scene effectively concludes the point made earlier by Wong's death, namely, that action films, and subsequently, the action film audience, simultaneously seek to find meaning in death while remaining dependent on the lack of meaning inherent in the deaths of most characters in action films. Infernal Affairs confronts the audience with this contradiction by melding these two disparate tendencies into the single scene of Chan's death.

Violence and death are integral Infernal Affairs' storytelling, and the film's use of violence continues a trend that began with the Hong Kong action films of the s. However, rather than aestheticize violence along the lines of…… [Read More]. This short clip tells the story of a woman who suddenly discovers that her savings are missing. Upon learning this she exits rapidly to find the culprit, but not before comforting her young son.

The main elements used in mis en scene are the following: The main elements used in cinematography are: During the beginning of the clip the first element that stands out is the setting. This element is carefully chosen in order to give the audience specific information about the characters. The setting is the interior of a humble and simple home.

This tells the audience about the characters…… [Read More]. Emotional Regulation Study and Analysis. Emotions can be linked to everything a person does. When students enter school, they often have trouble with learning and may develop negative emotions to education. The aim of this study was to discover and highlight what emotional regulation techniques work best with students and getting them ready for learning. The study involved 3 focus groups from two schools picked from across the country.

Two were public schools. The second was a private school. Each focus group represented an age group. The first focus group had 2 children ages 5 and 12 years old. The second group had 2 children ages 14 and 17 years old. The group from the private school had a focus group of 4 children ranging in ages from years of age.

The results derived from the qualitative data analyses demonstrate three kinds of classroom experiences participants feel work best for motivating them to learn…… [Read More].

The liberal arts combined with latest techniques and advancements experienced a number of stages. The introduction of films and sound in films was a significant development of its times. The introduction of first film along with sound was a unique event and it revolutionized the industry in such a way that it influenced every individual related to the industry to start thinking on creative and innovative grounds for improvements.

The stages of films can be identified as silent films…… [Read More]. O rother, Where Art Thou? Could a Hollywood filmmaker adapt Homer's Odyssey for the screen in the same way that James Joyce did for the Modernist novel?

The idea of a high-art film adaptation of the Odyssey is actually at the center of the plot of Jean-Luc Godard's film Contempt, and the Alberto Moravia novel on which Godard's film is based. In Contempt, Prokosch, a rich American dilettante film producer played by Jack Palance, hires Fritz Lang to film a version of Homer's Odyssey, then hires a screenwriter to write it and promptly ruins his marriage to rigitte ardot.

Fritz Lang gamely plays himself -- joining the ranks of fellow "arty" German-born directors who had earlier deigned to act before the camera like Erich von Stroheim in Wilder's Sunset oulevard, playing a former director not unlike himself, or…… [Read More].

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Inventing the Job of President: Who was George Washington?. Works Cited Fields, Barbara. Published by Scarecrow Press Inc. Frederic and Brussat, M. Movie the Patriot View Full Essay. A League of Their Own: The Impossibility of the Female Sports Hero. Early history of sport. Specifically, they prefer masculine appearances when they are ovulating and more feminine features when they are not.

Women are as "driven to promiscuity" as men are. Monogamy may still be a choice, and the life partner may be someone who has good "dad traits," but have sex with men who have the "attractive" genes that signal they will make for "good offspring. The promiscuous voles have less vasopressin. Vasopressin was previously thought to be a kidney function hormone but now it is linked with tendency toward monogamy. Oxytocin is in the brains of monogamous women as the female counterpart to vasopressin.

Think about and list some specific types of outside sources that may be helpful in your analysis i. Sources include references to the role of women in Senegalese society, including articles that show that Senegalese women are often asserting their identities and power: Do you have specific quotations, paraphrases, etc. The CNN article offers messages of hope and empowerment like those given in the film, whereas the United Nations website is more realistic in detailing the daily lives of women in Senegal, where "strong socio-cultural and legal constraints continue to stand in the way of the achievement of gender equality.

The art of being human: The humanities as a technique for living. Films are designed to be heard and seen, to appeal to our aural and visual senses. Just like any art form, films are also designed to be understood and felt, to appeal to our minds and emotions. The best measure of a film's credibility is determined through assessing the elements that comprise the whole process. This is achieved through a film study.

Learning how to write a film studies essay requires more work than just movie reviews. This is because they entail that you engage on a level further than storytelling. The essays offer a critical analysis of a complete film. Analyzing a film gives rise to a variety of topics, including the role of propaganda with respect to political and social issues, the influence of cinema on your culture, as well as the emergence of auteur paradigm.

The topics are fascinating and they enhance the insight and inspiration of film students. This is a crucial ingredient in the course of writing film studies essays. The initial step when learning how to write a film studies essay involves narrowing the scope of interest to a specific area.

This stage calls for extensive investigation from a wide variety of sources to enhance insight into the area of study. An individual should provide key details and thematic issues under the scope of the study. This enables you to maintain the focus of the film analysis of a scene or sequence that may have escaped the audience's attention during past viewings.

This section also focuses on presenting crucial details on the formalism, genre, historical implications, national background, auteur, and the ideology behind the film. In the course of writing the film analysis, you should pay attention to length, source, and style requirements. When writing about a specific film, it is always assumed that the targeted audience is familiar with the film under analysis. Such an analysis is always introduced by presenting the major topics of interest while avoiding getting into lengthy details.

Special focus should feature while investigating the style and structure of a particular film. This section focuses on the screen events and ignores other outside factors like the historical context, the life history of the director and others. A good film essay should provide the most fascinating and crucial features of the style and structure of the film. Details like sound, lighting, and cinematography contributing to the meaning of the film should also feature.

A good film study essay should also consider the common sequences of form and content.

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