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Angry shareholder: 'They don’t see you or they don’t want to see you'
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Told the employee I would need to have it installed. He told me the third party installer would contact me re cost of installation.

When the company called they said they would need to see the location. They used my call as an excuse to send a fast talking, high pressure salesman to try and sell a product many times more expensive.

What were they thinking? My husband and I purchased a Turf Beast self propelled lawn mower when it was being sold by Home Depot online as their special buy of the day. Unfortunately we were unable to use it until the following month because of several weeks of terrible weather. When we finally were able to use it we discovered that it did not work.

The self propel feature was non existent and it stalled constantly. The grass was not overgrown and we had it on the highest setting but still it stalled every few feet. So we call Home Depot customer service hoping to exchange this for the exact same item. This was fresh out of the box, so we did not expect it to be an issue thinking that we were just unlucky and got a defective product. It was then that we learned that the three month hassle free returns Home Depot boasted about when we signed up for our credit card had a clause stating that gas powered products could not be returned or exchanged after 30 days.

We had no idea. Very disappointed in the lack of help from Home Depot. They should stand behind their products. I wanted to remodel my entry way closet and reached out to Home Depot consultation team for a free in home consultation. I filled out the form online and received a phone call the same day for scheduling. However, when my appointment arrived no one showed. I called the number that was provided to me and explained no one showed. Another appointment was provided and again the same thing happened.

I called the customer representative number again and the same response was given, "We don't know what happened and we tried reaching out to the consultant and their manager but is unable to reach team. Why would I want to make another appointment when my valuable time was wasted twice! If I am already having problems getting a consultation I can't imagine the problems I would have if I decided to hire them for my closet remodeling.

I go to Home Depot several times a week with my husband who's a contractor. I walked around the entire store and found no employees to help me. Where you ask are all of their employees? Stationed at the cash registers of course! Ready to take your money, but NOT available to help you with their merchandise.

Is this company really so greedy that they can't hire a few employees to assist customers? Bought doors and paid for doors on July 31st. Was told order and install would be 4 weeks out We were told the doors just arrived and it would be September 25th before we could get them installed.

I can install the doors myself but I paid to not have to do it. Very bad communication, horrible timeline and horrible customer service. I ordered a small refrigerator for my motel and it was promised on Tuesday, August Shortly afterwards I received notice it would not arrive until Friday, August I was once again notified it won't arrive until Tuesday, September 4.

This is needed for one of my motel rooms. I would never have ordered it from there had I realized the terrible delivery service. The item was last tracked to Richmond, B. Why I must wait for days while it sits in a warehouse somewhere is beyond me. I rented the tool at Home Depot and returned today. One employee made mistake and overcharged me. I've question on the charge to the other employee who working in the tool rental instead of just a cashier.

Gary told me he saw a mistake and couldn't fixed it unless I wait for the manager to come and fix the mistake. After half an hour later before the manager showed up, his name is Jeff, he is the manager in the West Lebanon, NH store.

I've asked the manager to explain why they've charged me 3 items vs one, the manager told me he didn't work in the rental department so he didn't know what went on. The manager told me he was too busy to help me. He had to go and see other customer somewhere else in the store and asked me to wait for Gary waited on the others customers in line after me first, then call the manager back in.

The manager was very rude and did not event care about the customer, what he said that was what it supposed to, even they've totally wrong about it. This was a horrible experience at Home Depot. I hope someone higher up take this to confederation and speak to Jeff. Worst delivery experience and customer support. They removed the old dishwasher, hooked up the new one which caused a water leak, refused to put the old back in.

When I was contacted for the replacement delivery and installation date, they lied about the date and I had to call in again to find out the real installation date.

Meanwhile, I am stuck for 2 weeks without a dishwasher because of their incompetence. I purchased a cat Halloween item. Item came to me broken. The item had no packing etc. The way the item was sent it happened before it was shipped. Call to get a new one. Stefanie in Resolutions was rude. Asked to speak to a supervisor and she said she was one. The lady before her said they were not. Refused to let me speak to one.

Have to take broken item to store. I choose shipping so I wouldn't have to go to store. Then I have to order a new one. So they lock my money up 2x before I get credited. Will never shop again. Lowe's would never do this. This is the second time HD has called to reschedule a delivery the night before a scheduled delivery date. This time I ordered the range that was in stock.

They provided a date 5 days from the order date, but notified me of a reschedule due to the product being backordered. When I ordered it, the system stated there were 5 in inventory. Even worse, the new date is more than 3 weeks away, so I am without a stove for a total of 4 weeks waiting for HD.

As I said, it's the second time this has happened to me. Not again with HD. At 2 yr it broke. Refused to help at 1st. This was an online purchase and return. CS is the worst I have ever encountered in my entire life: To keep this short. Bought washer, it was delivered 5 days later dented.

Refused washer as directed then when they rescheduled my delivery date it was 10 days later. It would be 18 days no washer.

Canceled order and was told I could not get a refund for seven days even though it was a cash order directly out of my debit account. I never received a product and needed the money to buy another washer. Did not get my money back and went to Lowe's immediately after and had the same washer home in 45 minutes.

I was a loyal Home Depot customer and I will refuse to go there now. When you design systems that fail your customers, you deserve to lose business. Manager at Home Depot told me he would get in trouble if he tried to bend the rules for me and refund me my money. I want the kind of manager that bends the rules because it's the right thing to do and treats their customers like human beings instead of a paycheck. The delivery men arrived at 5 PM and the installer said he wouldn't install the machine because my house wasn't to code not true.

Two days later I had the dishwasher installed by an independent installer and he started the machine but it kept filling up with water and then drain but would not pump water to the spray arms to clean the dishes. I went to my local Home Depot to get a replacement and was told that I only have 48 hours after I purchase any appliance to return it and I'm over the 48 hour limit. They said that I had to call Whirlpool and have it fixed under warranty.

The Whirlpool repairman was here and he said the machine needs a new pump motor and control panel. He is going to order the parts and when they arrive he will be back to fix the machine. Now isn't this great. I have a refurbished dishwasher for the price of a new one. The dishwasher never cleaned a plate.

I will never buy another thing from Home Depot or Whirlpool. Never got a hard copy bill Big box den of thieves. When my delivery was cancelled due to "service disruption occurred" I called the number provided, the operator told me after checking with UPS that the order will be deliver once it got to the sender but could not provide a reason as to why it was being return, after checking the tracking information again I notice it was with the sender but I haven't get a notification so I called again, the 2nd operator told me that the order will be cancelled.

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Home Depot Year Founded: Heck Starbucks has better trained managers. Let's say I have a friend that works for Home Depot part-time The management at the store has asked a pro desk associate to accept a declined check from a contractor on 3 occassions.

Basically when the conractor tries to pay with a check, it gets declined. The contractor says "oh manager Joe Blow says you guys can take my checks as cash. Do managers have the authority to do this? It should be a violation of some kind of rule to ask employees to violate SOP. It seems to me like the managers could be taking payoffs from the customer secretly. When my friend asked the bookkeeping associate if she should contact a District Manager , the lady panicked.

My friends store pretty bad inventory numbers this year and it could have something to do with the managers accepting payoffs from the contractors. Sorry about your luck. Good move getting out of there. Now be real smart and leave them for good before they ruin your work record. They take the crap back that the customer ordered wrong than blame you for it. Home Depot is in borrowed time. Get out while you can. Menards is the place to go because they are running home depot out of business and they know how to treat employees and customers.

They got rid of you because you were making more than mininum wage. Home depot is on borrowed time. Menards will be taking over soon. Don't read too much into it, some checks are rejected by the system, not because they're bad but because of other factors like inability to preauthorize checks from certain banks because of routing no.

With known contractor's or they're employees, you'll often see a manager's override or approve it because they know the contractor and the check is OK Most ASMs will not jeopardize their job to gain a few coins on the side, besides everything that enters the vault is audited. I know because I often have to confirm the vault and I can see what goes on in there I also work at The Home Depot , and am concerned about the situation your friend has shared with you.

Please know that individuals can contact our AwareLine, which is available to all current and former associates to report concerns related to their employment and to report compliance violations. Callers may choose to remain anonymous. The contact info for the AwareLine is posted on the communications bulletin board in or near the breakroom. The system prompts declined and the customer is to call centergy with information to find out why the check has been declined. If it is because of too many checks, etc.

Have you ever worked for a place that has an union? And furthermore do u even know what unions do and stand for? Make sure you get educated on something before you go and say stuff. On moral, your moral and everyone elses is what they make it. The moral in the your store sucks because your store has employees that make it that way!

Michael in Fernley, Nevada said: She also threatened to demote me, cut my pay and possibly lose my job. She also "forgot" to turn in an employee donation matching fund to the head quarters of Home Depot. When she realized she was not going to push me out the door, she told me, "she felt uncomfortable with me being in the building because I have epilepsy. I worked for Home Depot for 8 years and no one ever until this point had any problems with me working in the store and having epilepsy.

After countless calls to her office, unprofessional comments, and false statement to me about Home Depot policies, she finally got her wish and I quit. I was dealing with this new horrifying illness and could not deal with being harassed everyday I worked. I have filed a complaint with the EEOC but Home Depot, being the "We're too big to touch" company they are pushing my complaint back on me and reported false information to the EEOC about my complaint. I am getting the word out to all who shop at Home Depot, this is why the associates do not smile there anymore.

They are treated like disposable diapers. Use them and when they're done, toss them in the garbage. Unions are a recipe for failure, It's simple math, greedy unions will double salaries which doesn't sound like a bad thing, but you don't think the shareholders are going to take the loss so they'll cut their amount of stores and associates in half. Yes I'm bitter cause I worked at a Union job and they just kept taking and taking till there was nothing left to take. Everyone lost their jobs when they sold out to Canada.

Notice how many union companies are begging for money, ie. And its not to pay off debt or anything it's to pay the union-robbed pension plan back. Eddy in Toledo, Ohio. Get out of home depot. They are going under. Look at their stock. Menards is driving them down Eddy in Toledo, Ohio said: Hi there, I know a person who has filed with the EEOC and they are trying to get their position statement done and they want to go to mitagation or settle.

This person is not going to go to mitagation because they won't pay anything. I know they have hired a lawyer and going all the way. When I hear from my friend and the results I will let you know. The EEOC doesn't work for the employee they work for the employer. Everyone should know this and then maybe things would change at the work place all over. Che Chomsky in Edmonton, Alberta. Do not believe that you will work longer than your temporary contract , if you've signed one.

They will say goodbye to you as soon as you are eligible for benefits. Expect to have no support from the management.

Find a different job or work there knowing that they will get rid of you as soon as your days are up. This is the reality of corporate America in Canada. I should have known better than to trust them.

I say Run RUN away while you still can Home Depot controls your life. I just told the SM that I am taking a college class and wait to up my career. Oh one week later I am out the door ummmmm.. Anon in Mesa, Arizona. There was no raise for this position and my job description went from doing 2 things to doing over 12 things such as: DONT even get me started on our return policy. We say that its 90 days but that's total foobar.

I feel that this information should be said and be made more aware because if a company does not treat their associates with respect and actually value them then what good is hiring humans? They make us smile and greet every customer who walks in the door and expects us to make the Home Depot customers for life, when instead I ask myself this before I greet anyone: Another fine human being sucked in by home depots bull crap.

Menards is the place to be. The hours keep getting cut, so it's impossible to give good service - I feel your pain. How is morale at your store? It isn't good at mine - gets worse as sales drop more and more.

Hey even out here in Oregon, morale is dropping like a stone. There seems to be a new policy, anything no matter how trivial, you're fired. Customer complains, you're gone, caught texting on the job like ASM's you're gone. They are looking for anything to get rid of people, especially full timers. We have a manager who lives in an alternate reality, there's no such thing as a bad VOC he just doen't acknowlege there could be anything wrong on his end.

None of the associates trust him, why? Because he doesn't trust his people. Not only is the moral dropping like a stone, so is their stock.

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So we call Home Depot customer service hoping to exchange this for the exact same item. This was fresh out of the box, so we did not expect it to be an issue thinking that we were just unlucky and /5().

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Home Depot: Bad Customer Service – Part 2 February 12, By Barbara Khozam Comments Last week, I shared a real world story with you about a friend of mine leaving a Home Depot dissatisfied and vowing never to return.

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Home Depot review rated / with 4 Comments: Dear Home Depot I am so upset with you that I can hardly put it in to words. You should be ashamed of yourselves. May 22,  · Home Depot Chief Executive Frank Blake was grilled Thursday by investors, who also shop in his company’s stores, on the retailer’s commitment to customer service.

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Home Depot Customer Service Sucks. 59 likes. Share your story of why Home Depot Customer Service Stinks when it comes to special orders and home. Access more information about the return policy. For immediate assistance, contact our Customer Service department at HOME DEPOT ().