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litmus test

litmus paper

❶I used a litmus test to show that the compound was slightly acid. The litmus test for specificity goes as follows:

LITMUS PAPER Defined for English Language Learners

litmus test

Those who say no are not qualified to be your friends—no analysis or additional questions necessary. The phrase is often used in political contexts. A few of these are below, followed by a few more recent examples. Asked his opinion of the North Atlantic Treaty and the Marshall Plan—which delegates here regard as the litmus test for distinguishing between Communists and supporters of the United States—Dr. Houdek refused to comment. What counts is whether the jargon contributes to illumination and clarification, and unfortunately we have no litmus test for that.

Did behavior actually change? The way in which we organise our healthcare is surely a litmus test of the moral limits of markets. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Alumna, alumnae, alumni, alumnus. Comments Micha Monet says: If dipped into alkaline solution, it remains blue; acid solution turns it red. References in periodicals archive? He didn't need to talk as he got out the litmus paper , test tubes and beakers. Stour's title credentials put to test.

He confirmed that a "presumptive" test was taken which involved scrapping an area off onto a litmus paper then using two chemicals to test the area.

Footprint at murder scene. Does litmus paper turn blue or red when placed in an acid solution? There's something peculiarly satisfying about paying a bill before, like litmus paper , it turns red.

I try to pay a bill - I meet my Waterloo. Police have been testing drinks bottles with litmus paper for alcohol, talking to young people and test purchasing to check shops are not selling to those under age. Police launch alcohol purge in city parks; IN B. Which is extremely worrying, as Sir David says that butterflies are the litmus paper of nature.

Where have all the butterflies gone? Similar to Litmus paper , there is a color correlation chart that allows you to determine the pressure being measured. Pressure indicating sensor film from Sensor Product.

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Definition of litmus test in the Idioms Dictionary. litmus test phrase. What does litmus test expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Litmus test - Idioms by The Free Dictionary. (Acid turns litmus paper red .

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The paper, "When the Destination is Retirement: A Way to Keep Investors' Plans on Track," written by Noelle Fox, senior investment and product analyst at The Principal, is intended to help financial professionals use the litmus test to its fullest capacity.

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Litmus test definition: If you say that something is a litmus test of something, you mean that it is an effective | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples a test using litmus paper to determine whether a solution is an acid or a base 2. any test in which a single factor determines the finding. Idioms; Encyclopedia; Wikipedia that changes to red in an acid solution and to blue in an alkaline solution. ♦ Litmus is typically added to paper to make litmus paper, which is used to determine whether a solution is basic or acidic. Thesaurus Antonyms Related Words Synonyms Legend.

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Looking for litmus papers? Find out information about litmus papers. White, unsized paper saturated by litmus in water; used as a pH indicator Explanation of litmus papers. Litmus test A test that uses one single indicator to help make a decision (the scientific meaning of a litmus test is a test for basic chemical properties that uses litmus paper). The new sales policy was a litmus test for how .