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McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle

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❶The retirement of some of the FC fighters would save maintenance and upgrade costs, which could be redirected to speed procurement of the F Lightning II. The former were more capable in the attack role, while the latter might be less so, but could defend themselves.

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Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Radar
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The digital, triple-redundant Lear Siegler aircraft flight control system permits coupled automatic terrain following , enhanced by a ring-laser gyro inertial navigation system. Air Force FC aircraft. The AESA radar has an exceptionally agile beam, providing nearly instantaneous track updates and enhanced multitarget tracking capability. The first Eagle, an FB, was delivered on 13 November Israel was the only operator to use and develop the air-to-ground abilities of the air-superiority F variants, doing so because the fighter's range was well beyond other combat aircraft in the Israeli inventory in the s.

The Soviet Union could correlate a U. The FAs were modified to carry one ASM on the centerline station with extra equipment within a special centerline pylon. The third test flight involved a retired P solar observatory satellite in a mile km orbit, which was destroyed by kinetic energy. The program was officially terminated in During Gulf War combat against Iraqi forces, the F accounted for 36 of the 39 air-to-air victories by the U. Iraq has confirmed the loss of 23 of its aircraft in air-to-air combat.

Air superiority was achieved in the first three days of the conflict; many of the later kills were reportedly of Iraqi aircraft fleeing to Iran, rather than engaging American aircraft.

A Strike Eagle achieved an aerial kill of an Iraqi Mi-8 helicopter with a laser-guided bomb. In , two U. The newer FE fleet was later cleared for continued operations. The US Air Force reported on 28 November that a critical location in the upper longerons on the FC model was suspected of causing the failure, causing the fuselage forward of the air intakes, including the cockpit and radome, to separate from the airframe.

FA through D-model aircraft were grounded until the location received more detailed inspections and repairs as needed. It also recommended a limited return to flight for units worldwide using the affected models. The report stated that analysis of the FC wreckage determined that the longeron did not meet drawing specifications, which led to fatigue cracks and finally a catastrophic failure of the remaining support structures and breakup of the aircraft in flight.

As a result of these problems, General John D. Corley stated, "the long-term future of the F is in question. ACC also recommended release of other U. Over half of F kills have been achieved by Israeli Air Force pilots. Cuts are principally directed at platforms with single-mission capabilities. The retirement of some of the FC fighters would save maintenance and upgrade costs, which could be redirected to speed procurement of the F Lightning II. The air-to-air combat role would be taken up pre-eminently by the F Raptor , while the F would support it in conjunction with the Raptor.

Even if this option is pursued, at least part of the FC fleet is likely to be preserved. The FE will remain in service for years to come because of the model's primary air-to-ground role and the lower number of hours on the FE airframes. During the Yemeni Civil War present , Houthis have used RT missiles modified to serve as surface-to-air missiles.

A video released on 7 January also shows a modified RT hitting a Saudi F on a forward-looking infrared camera. Houthi sources claim to have downed the F, although this has been disputed, as the missile apparently proximity detonated , though the F continued to fly in its trajectory seemingly unaffected.

On 8 January, the Saudi Press Agency admitted the loss of an aircraft over Yemen, though it did not clarify whether it was a Tornado or an F On 21 March , Houthi rebels released a video where they hit and possibly shot down a Saudi F in Saada province. As in the video of the previous similar hit recorded on 8 January, the target, while clearly hit, did not appear to be downed.

Saudi forces confirmed the hit, while saying the jet safely landed at a Saudi base. Most prototypes were later used by NASA for trials and experiments. A total of Fs have been lost to non-combat causes as of June However, the F aircraft is very reliable with only 1 loss per 50, flight hours.

Although the F continues to be a front-line fighter, a number of older USAF and IAF models have been retired, with several placed on outdoor display or in museums.

In Tom Clancy's nonfiction book, Fighter Wing , a detailed analysis of the Air Force's premier fighter aircraft, the F Eagle and its capabilities are showcased. The F has also been a popular subject as a toy, and a fictional likeness of an aircraft similar to the F has been used in cartoons, books, video games, animated television series , and animated films. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from F Eagle. For other uses, see F disambiguation. List of F losses. For accidents involving FE and related variants, see List of F losses. F Eagle in fiction. United States Air Force portal Aviation portal.

United States Air Force. Retrieved 29 September A Retrospective Assessment" , pp. See also "Harnessing the genie: Return of the Air Superiority Fighter". A Half Century of U. Retrieved 31 December Retrieved 26 June Air Force Fighter Aircraft".

Boeing officials reveal production plans for Qatari Eagles — Jane's ". Global Security dot org. Retrieved July 26, Retrieved 24 September Hamas claims it is from downed Israeli plane". Retrieved 2 February Time , 18 June The New York Times , 6 June , p. The type B model should look like this. Bend up the trailing edge of the wings for better lift.

Step 12 Cut along the white line and fold up the bottom part along line 6. Mountain fold along center line C. Fold down wings along line A and B. Patterned-side face down Fold the top corners inward to the center line. Fold the top corners to the bottom edge. There is another version on the site: You can download the paper model template here: There are other two normal scale FJ papercrafts here: There are also other Mitsubishi F paper models at Papercraft Square, please check out: F Fighter Paper Models.

You can download the papercraft model here: This aircraft paper model is a McDonnell Douglas F Eagle , a twin-engine, all-weather tactical fighter designed by McDonnell Douglas to gain and maintain air superiority in aerial combat, the paper model was created by Fu-Ken, and the scale is in 1:

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Start with an 8 1/2"x11" paper. (Patterned-side face down) Fold the top corners inward to the center line. Fold the top corners to the bottom edge. Step 2 .

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This aircraft paper model is an IAF version McDonnell Douglas FA Eagle, a single-seat all-weather air-superiority fighter version of the McDonnell Douglas F Eagle, the papercraft is created by Yoavhozmi, and the scale is in The McDonnell Douglas F Eagle is an American air superiority fighter aircraft.

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94 McDonnell Douglas F Eagle HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. F Eagle Air Superiority The F is a twin-engine, all weather fighter that is the backbone for the U.S. Air Force’s air superiority and homeland defense missions.