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Qualitative research – the emphasis is on understanding

❶Small numbers — Frequently fewer than responses Larger numbers — Survey sample sizes are often in the s or s Time taken Dependent on sample sizes, but simple qual studies can be completed in days or just a few weeks The fieldwork phase for quant studies may take many weeks or months to complete How the data is reported Data are presented thematically , capturing the main "stories" behind the data. While defining quantitative and qualitative research based on their uses and purposes may be considered a practical approach for researcher, the difference actually lies on their roots:

Mobile research technology takes down the qual-quant dichotomy

Qualitative research
Quantitative research – the emphasis is on measurement
Qualitative Research

Ontological and Epistemological Perspectives. Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality and Tourism, 12, Qualitative research is inductive , descriptive research, how ever some researcher use both inductive and deductive depends on the nature and purpose of the research the hyposis you intend to examine. Where quantitive research is statistical numerical based research empirical. Keep it up GOOD people! I am grateful about how qualitative and quantitative differences have been defined in the research field.

Thank you very much for the difference of quantitative and qualitative research methods they are well elaborated. I am Wondering to know the difference of how they conduct interview in both Qualitative and Quantitative methods what are the difference in conducting such interviews or Focus groups? What are the methods of analyzing data in quantitative research? Thanks so much for the answer.

Many thanks for giving me clear understanding around the differences between the two approaches. Interesting article and good comparison between both research methods. Thanks for the clear and wonderful distinction between the two research methods.

Thank you so much. Now I truly understood what this two types of research mean about. Am very grateful for all your definitions They are so helpful. In user research, quantitative data tells you what users did, and qualitative data helps you learn why they did it.

Qualitative research generally focuses more on the human angle — what are people thinking and feeling? In your research, consider using both qualitative and quantitative methods together to be better equipped to solve the problem at hand. Check out our other research guides or learn more about how Dovetail can help you with customer feedback and user research analysis. Differences in the data In terms of the actual data, here are some of the key differences: Qualitative data is not countable.

You can turn qualitative data into structured quantitative data through analysis methods like coding. Quantitative data can help to give you more confidence about a trend, and allow you to derive numerical facts. Quantitative and qualitative research work in tandem. The qualitative element frequently takes place at the front end of the study, exploring values that need measuring in the subsequent quantitative phase. In this way, qualitative research can help to improve the usefulness and efficacy of quantitative research studies.

Qualitative research may offer a diagnostic understanding of what is wrong, while the quantitative research provides hard data across different respondent groups that can lead to specific recommendations with measures that can be used as controls to determine the effectiveness of actions.

A professional market research company will take care in designing a research study to align the most appropriate techniques with the research objectives. Of course, there are also practical considerations around which methods to use: In more niche business-to-business industries, the number of target organizations may be limited.

In such cases, qualitative methods may be the only feasible means of conducting the research. In the table below, we outline some of the typical characteristics of these different research methods:. If you would like to find out more about quantitative and qualitative market research.

This site uses cookies to improve your visit. By continuing, you agree to the use of cookies. B2B market research company. What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative research? Quantitative research — the emphasis is on measurement Quantitative research is concerned with measurement of a market or population.

Within market research, this may include, but is not limited to: For instance, estimating market sizes through asking questions about purchasing patterns, frequencies and future buying intent Measuring brand health: In order to robustly ascertain this, large numbers of responses are often required. For instance, measuring the impact of a market campaign on advertising awareness or brand associations by taking a measurement before and after the campaign also known as pre- and post-testing.

Examples of qualitative research methods used in market research include: In-depth interviews Focus groups Market research online communities MROCs Ethnography research Each technique has its own specific advantages, depending on the nature of the target audience and the type of information that needs to be collected.


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It’s important to understand the difference between qualitative and quantitative research, especially if you’re new to the field. There’s a. The difference between qualitative and quantitative research is a fundamental distinction within research practice. Below, we outline how "qual" and "quant" data vary, and the .

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A task such as “Research the requirements for obtaining a drone-flying permit in California” is too vague for a quant user study, as different people may understand different things by the word “research,” but can be okay in qual studies if you’re trying to figure out what types of . QUAL-QUANT or QUANT-QUAL? advantages and disadvantages of mixed method research (MMR) approaches.