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❶Accountants and other financial advisors can use software to quickly perform somewhat complex analysis and generate reports for their clients.

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Financial Statement Analysis

It is the measurement of the number of times account receivable is turned over each year. It is computed by dividing net credit sales by average account receivable.

Inventory turnover ratio is the measurement of the number of times inventory is turned over each year. The ratio is used to measure the intensity with which business assets arused to produce sales revenue. It is computed by dividing net sales by the average total assets. Profitability ratios are the measurement of 1 the contribution of the elements of operations of profit or 2 the relationship of profit to total investment and investment by stockholders.

It is the measurement of the proportion of each sales taka that is available to pay other expenses and provide profit for owners. This ratio is computed by dividing gross margin by net sales.

It is the measurement of the profitability of business operations in relation to its sales. It is compared by dividing operating income by net sales. This ratio is the measurement of the proportion of each sales taka that is profit. The equation for computation the ratio is: Return on assets ratio is the measurement of the profit earned by a firm through the use of all its capital, or the total investment by both creditor and owners.

The equation for computation of this ratio is: This ratio is the measurement of the profit earned by a firm through the use of capital supplied by stockholders. The equation for computation is: Here the assets of 31 December, are 1. Here 31 December, quick ratio is 1. In this situation we can say that the company has 1. It explaining the improvement in the cash flow liquidity ratio and stronger short-term solvency.

In year the ratio is lower than previous years. Debt to ratio is decreasing year But it is increases in not good for the company. Because the higher degree of debt the greater is the degree of risk. There have a chance bankruptcy. Times —interest — earned ratio has increase in the year but it decreases in So the company is now in a stable position. In average collection period is 16 days. This means that in this years management was more efficient form previous years. Accounts receivable turnover ratio: This circumstances we see that, account receivable turnover is decrease than previous years.

So we can say that is quite good for the company. In the ratio is lower than In TATO ratio is very poor through out the year This is because a large portion of assets is involving the current assets, which are not productive. This ratio indicates the efficiency of operation of how products are priced. In gross margin ratio is increased than previous years. It is good for the company.

Operating income ratio is increasing in per year. So we can say that the company earned enough profit to cover operating cost. Net income ratio is decrease on the last year. Financial statements contain financial information pertaining to a firm. Though, financial statements do contain information indicative of certain operational performance areas e.

For example, various key indicators of future operational performance such as, size of backlog orders, changes in warranty claims, etc.

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Some of the advantages of financial statement analysis are:

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The general objective of this report is to analysis Financial Statement analysis of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited. Other objectives are know the financial condition and to know the financial position the pharmaceutical section.

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Statement Analysis Term Paper: Financial statement analysis (or financial analysis) is the process of understanding the risk and profitability of a firm through analysis of reported financial information, particularly annual and quarterly reports. Financial analysis is very important for every employer, because he has to observe the financial.

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Read this essay on Financial Statement Analysis. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". Financial Statement Analysis. affect the financial statements for the period during which, without amortization procedures, it would have to be recorded.

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TERM PAPER ON “Financial Statement analysis” of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited Submitted by 1 Beximcon pharma is a Leading pharmaceutical company base is Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is a member of the “Beximco group” the largest private section. The company’s financial statements provide a basis for a wide range of analysis methods, for example, the analysis of the past, present and future company’s performance and all types of the comparative analysis.