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How to Title an Essay?

The Struggle of a Great Title

❶The working title simply reminds the writer of the essay's focus.

What are the qualities of good essay title

Purpose and importance of essay title
How to Find Your Perfect Essay Title?

An essay about Shakespearean comedy may be more playful, such as: Sum up your paper in three words or less. You can also sum up the thesis for your essay in three words or less. Take out a piece of paper and write down the three words. Then, see if you can place commas or colons between them to create a title.

Three words that sum up the paper may be: A possible title of the essay could be: Choose two to three keywords from your introduction or conclusion. In a traditional, five paragraph essay, your introduction should include your thesis and the general ideas in your essay. Your conclusion should also restate your thesis and sum up your analysis. Both sections may be good places to find keywords that could lead to a strong title for your essay.

Consider if the words fit together in some way, or how they are very different. A possible title for the essay could then be: In an essay on the conventions of Shakespearean comedy, the tone of the essay may be less serious or rigid, and you can look for keywords that are playful or humorous.

The Conventions of Shakespearean Comedy. Use a strange or unique image. Using the description of an image will give your reader a visual that will then frame the rest of the essay. Think of a bold or striking image that can be summed up in one to three words.

Look for a key quote or phrase in your essay. A strong essay will use quotations and phrases from source material throughout. Read through the quotes used in your essay for ones that seem particularly strong or powerful. Look for quotes or phrases that sum up your essay as a whole or highlight a central theme or idea in your essay.

Alternatively, you can look up a key quote or phrase that is not in your essay but reinforces central ideas or themes in your essay. You can then take a fragment of the quote and use it in your title. Think of a common phrase or sentence, also known as a cliche, and reword it so it is specific to your essay for a catchy title. Use short cliches or familiar phrases that are one to three words long.

Go for a play on words, or a double entendre. Clever word play can give your title some punch and show that you are willing to be creative. Use an existing phrase and play around with replacing words in the phrase or adding a new spin to the phrase. Does anybody have a good idea for a title for a book about depression, murder, and Hollywood? How about "A Show-Stopping Act"?

It kind of plays on the idea of a person's performance being "show-stopping," but also the show can't go on because they're dead. Not Helpful 3 Helpful What would be a good title for an essay about a book The Outsiders? How about, "An Inside look at The Outsiders"? It's kind of catchy, and it also tells the reader what your paper is about.

Not Helpful 4 Helpful Something simple like "Skins" is quite nice. Not Helpful 10 Helpful Not Helpful 32 Helpful What could I title an essay talking about challenges that immigrants face? These titles show a glimpse of what immigrants might experience, emotionally speaking. Not Helpful 18 Helpful I would try something along the line of "Home is Where the Heart is. Not Helpful 39 Helpful When is it appropriate to use a title instead of a headline for an essay? It depends on what type of essay it is.

If the essay is about a specific topic, then it is appropriate. If there is more than one option for a topic, then no.

Not Helpful 35 Helpful It depends on what your life is like but you could start with something like "How I Became insert an important theme in your life.

Not Helpful 36 Helpful What would be a good title for an essay about Agent Orange and the Vietnam War? Try a title that sounds like a comic series, like "Agent Orange: The Vietnamese War," or something that contains the words 'rise' or 'fall. What's a good title for a paper about hearing loss, dementia and a change in attitude towards hearing aids among the elderly?

Something along the lines of, "Can You Hear It? Or at least something relating to hearing. Can you suggest a good title about critical and efficient reading? Include keywords about the topic, character names, phrases you love, and anything else that comes to mind. Arrange these in different combinations to see if anything speaks to you.

Study titles in your genre. Look for stories or books that are popular with your target audience. Readers may be drawn to your work because it reminds them of something they already like. For example, many young adult fantasy novels hinge on one or two intriguing words: Twilight, Bitten, Cinder, The Selection. Make the title exciting. Dull or generic titles won't catch the reader's eye. Titles such as "The Tree" or "The Train" might name the subject or a symbol in the story, but it doesn't excite the reader.

Try adding a more descriptive word to the basic title. Make the title easy to remember. Titles are not only supposed to catch the reader's attention, but also spread the word about your work. Something too difficult to remember won't appeal to editors or agents, and your reader won't remember and be able to tell someone else the title. You want to come up with an exciting, yet catchy and easy to remember, title.

Does it roll off the tongue? Does it sound boring? Would you check out this title? The answers to these questions can help you revise the title. Pay attention to the wording. A title should be appropriate for the story, but it doesn't need to confuse your potential readers. Make sure that your wording doesn't depict the story as something it is not. Your title shouldn't sound like a science fiction story if it's a romance.

Use strong, vivid language. A title needs to stand out. Strong action words, vivid adjectives, or intriguing nouns can all make your title compelling. Look at the words in your potential title. Are there synonyms that are more descriptive or unique? Can you choose a word that has a less general meaning? Some words are so common their meaning doesn't impact readers the same way. Book titles often derive from established great works, such as the Bible, Shakespeare, song lyrics, or other sources.

Write down phrases that are meaningful, beautiful, or intriguing to you. Examples of this type of title include: Read your own work. Titles are often memorable lines from the book or story itself. Readers may enjoy the moment when they realize why a story has a particular title. Write down your inspirations when they come. Often, good writing ideas come to you when you least expect it. You may forget these, so keep a paper and pencil handy to jot down ideas that come to you whenever inspiration may strike.

Where do I go if I need more people to read my book for tips and criticism? The best place to get good criticism is to show parts of the story to people you know who are in your preferred audience. Reach out to your friends' friends, teachers if you know any , and family members.

Not Helpful 6 Helpful Should I create a title before or after I've written a significant portion of my story? It could really be either one. Some people like to start their story with a title while others like to finish the story first to decide which title fits best. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 8. I need an eye-catching title for an essay about how technology affects us today. A title hints at the contents of an essay, so if the content is about how technology affects us today then you could use a title like "Technology Today", "Technology in Our Modern World", etc.

Something along those lines. Not Helpful 6 Helpful 7. I have a book that has a one-word title, but has the series name on top of it.

Will that be intriguing enough for readers? Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. What would a good title for a one-shot romance be? Answer this question Flag as How should I write about a case of medical malpractice? What are some examples of a thesis title that I can use? How can I title a history essay about poverty issue in Hong Kong?

I need an eye catchy title for a science, my topic is about turning breadnut to a flour? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Quick Summary To help you come up with a title for an essay, write a draft of your paper first so you know what its main themes are.

Did this summary help you? Tips Try this template to generate a good title. Write the whole essay, go to your thesis and find a way to narrow it down to two to four words. Editing and Style In other languages: Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read , times. Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. This is just a great help overcoming such. AB Alexa Balinas Jul A Anonymous Jun 21, BS Betty Smith Apr 7, I wanted it catchy, but didn't know what to say.

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Jun 03,  · Most titles have the same basic structure, especially if the title is for an academic essay. The hook is the creative element that draws the reader in. It’s a catchy phrase that lets the reader know what the essay is going to focus on%(11).

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Purpose and importance of essay title. An essay title bears great importance which is why a wrong headline choice can make or break the quality of the paper you submit. In scholarship essays, the title often makes a great deal of difference. A smart, catchy, relevant title marks the essay as worth reading and the essayist worth noting. 1. Usually it is not enough to name the subject of the essay in the title. It is especially important to go beyond the general.

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A title can be the determining factor when someone is choosing a book to buy. You may not be selling your essay, but you still want it to have a title that will draw in your reader. About: This is a free tool designed for students and teachers to generate high quality essay topics. Our team is working hard to add more titles into the mix to this generator and to make our search results more relevant to our searchers.