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Find Out How to Write the Perfect Resume!

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❶Past tense for previous experiences , and use action verbs when describing your responsibilities where possible.

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Below are some easy elements you can incorporate to make you resume come across as professional! For the main content of your resume, outside of headings, text should be in size Check out this website for great fonts to use on your resume. Thirdly, your name should be at the top of the first page and in the largest font on your resume. Under this, list your contact details in a smaller font.

In Australia, you do not need to include any personal details such as gender, health, height, weight, marital status, age, or any other identifying information outside of your name and contact details. Employers cannot discriminate based on any of these elements, so they need not be included. Finally, you should use subheadings under which to note your experience.

Listing these sections in the above order is advised. Potential employers will likely be reviewing multiple applications and will overlook resumes that look like essays. As mentioned above, you should omit any irrelevant information such as photos of yourself, your date of birth, gender, or any other details that could be unnecessarily discriminatory.

Australian resumes do not require anything more than your contact details, by way of personal information. If this is the case, think of any extracurricular activities or volunteer work you have completed. Editing the student magazine, volunteering for events, or providing support to charities over holiday periods are all great examples of situations where you can highlight your skills and accomplishments without having necessarily completed paid work.

Detailing any awards or achievements is also a good idea when trying to highlight your abilities! If any of your accomplishments can be referred to using numbers and statistics eg. Did you show leadership in your previous job, and this is a skill required for the one you are applying for? Mention it, and say how you did so!

An easy mistake to make, especially when stressed out in trying to submit an application on a deadline, is forgetting to look for grammar and spelling errors.

Regardless of the job you are applying for, Australian employers generally want employees with good attention to detail and a successful grasp of the English language. Missing a few misspelt words or bits of punctuation might not seem like much, but it could mean the difference between getting called in for an interview or not hearing back at all. If you feel like you might need support with your writing, it could be a good idea to drop by the UTS: Following this, you can refer to the acronym throughout the rest of your resume.

Make sure to use the appropriate tenses for the experiences you are mentioning ie. Past tense for previous experiences , and use action verbs when describing your responsibilities where possible. If you can, get someone else to read over your resume before you submit it, to pick up on any errors you may have missed! Join Tatiana Rojas 's class at Yura Mudang theatre level 8 to move that boooodaaaay!

Italy is the seventh entry of this year's Futsal World Cup. Badminton is on tomorrow! The coffee machine is out again today at Yura Mudang foyer! Bring your cup and help yourself to a coffee or hot chocolate along with a cookie! Need help with an assignment? Or want to improve your English writing skills? Then meet with Andrew Redgrave tomorrow at his Writing class. Chemistry and pharmacy wiz, Andrew Luong, explains the science behind it all, tomorrow Thursday 6th September at the U: Studying social robotics at UTS: University of Technology Sydney within the "Magic Lab" team which Steve Wozniak co-founder of Apple is a part of, Chand is examining how the robotic field can assist humans, with a focus on the ageing population.

Full SBS article here: Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology. Need to improve your English spoken skills?

Join Andrew Redgrave at his social Conversation Class tomorrow at 11am! English conversation ImproveYourSkills utslife utshousing. Come and grab a bite before they disappear from the UTS Housing reception!! Sections of this page. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? This is a message to any fellow housing residents, in particular any For example the new procedure for having any friend over and the rule that allows housing to bar you from entering your home if you are late with rent for a week.

UTS student housing rules would not be permitted under NSW tenancy laws, however it seems university residential colleges are not subject to these laws.

Nevertheless The Human Rights Commission enquiry in stated that 4. The Commission considers that all student accommodation services on and off campus should be subject to the same consumer protection as other standard rental accommodation under the relevant state or territory Residential Tenancies Act.

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Writing your resume University of Technology, Sydney as well as liaison with police, councils, community service groups, volunteers, sponsors and media. Organised production of leaflets and promotional material and distributed and directed operations on the day. Responsible for budget and the financial success of events.

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By Mia Casey When it comes to resumes, the employment history section often trips people up. How far back should you go? What roles should you mention? Does formatting even matter that much? How many details should you include? With so many questions circling the topic, we thought we’d provide some guidance and help you [ ]. Resume writing: It’s hard to find anyone who actively enjoys on for a few comprehensive pieces of advice on writing the perfect resume!

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