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❶Thursday, November 06, View on America.

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My view of the United States of America. I think that gun legislation in the US is a bit out of control, meaning a mentally unstable person may go into a store and buy a gun. Wait a week and then go collect his weapon. But it is a fact that if you want a gun, it's fairly easy to get one in any 3/5(3).

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If you're going to write, write from the point of view of an elementary school student. That is to say - no politics, no religion. Think about what an elementary school student would say. I'd stick to the 1 3 1 (intro, because because because, summary) format for the essay if I were in your position. Re: Your View of America My view of America: We have diversity. From people, religion, cultures, food, language, and landscape when you come to America you will find a little bit of everything. From the Fjords in Alaska and Washington to swamps to desert to Thai food, burgers, you name it.-We are compassionate people.

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Sep 11,  · I was asked to write a short essay on my view of america, for a job application. How would you answer that? What is your view of America?!? I was asked to write a short essay on my view of america, for a Status: Resolved. Nov 06,  · Today, our next American president is African American. But, again, I want to keep it very non political. And another problem, I haven't written an essay for at least ten years. I don't even remember what an essay is! I remember learning that in an essay you are suppose to "prove" something with a thesis statement, I think. So I'm at Author: Happier Still.